4 Simple and Easy Ways to Decorate your Home on a Budget

Although the cost of re-decorating can be high, there are many simple ways to give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank.

Give the walls in every room around your house a new look

In no time at all you could transform the walls in your home from boring and faded to bright and vibrant just by simply changing the shade or colour with a fresh slick of paint.

Lighting and colours

While darker paint colours do make a room seem cosy, they often give the illusion of less space. Lighting can really open up a room as light colours reflect and multiply the available natural or artificial light, making it look larger. If chosen correctly, the illusion can save you from physically knocking down walls to open up your home. To make a room feel airy without the need for major building work, ensure you stick with pastel colours such as cream, beige, light blue or white for the best results.


Instead of re-wallpapering your whole home, why not add a feature wall to some rooms in your house?
A feature wall is typically achieved by adding a patterned wallpaper to one wall in a room to make it stand out. This simple and budget-friendly way of giving your home a brand new look can easily be created without the need of hiring professionals, again keeping the costs down.


Picking a few new accessories, for example, new canvases to place on walls around the house, candles or even cushions, instead of re designing your whole home can be just as effective as a whole home makeover. The benefit? You save money AND get a great-looking new living space!

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