The Best Features of Teak Outdoor Furniture

It’s hard to find more suitable timber for outdoor furniture than teak. This beautiful wood with its subtle gold color and strong composition is a perfect all weather material. Thanks to its natural resins and oils it’s impervious to moisture, bugs and rot, keeping your furnishings healthy and long-lasting. This short guide will point out some of fantastic properties of this exotic wood, together with some advice for the purchase.


It is Sustainable and Environmentally-friendly

The years of unregulated teak exploitation caused severe deforestations of rainforest ecosystems in South and Southeast Asia, causing much misery to local people who depended on these habitats. Fortunately, those days are over. Plantation-grown teak is much more lucrative and easier to harvest, and above all it is a sustainable system. If you buy certified teak, you’ll know that it came from an environmentally-friendly plantation and was grown according to a rigorous set of requirements, related to restoring the natural habitats and respecting the local ways of life.

Choice of Finishes

The natural property of teak is to turn from buttery gold to slivery gray over time. There are three basic varieties when it comes to finishes, natural, sealed and preweathered. If you have recently purchased a set of beautiful Brighton Chairs, you’ll notice the color change mostly on the exposed parts, such as arm rests. People dealing in outdoor furniture Sydney have told me that pieces of teak furniture should be bought at the same time, so that after a season or two, they all have the same color. Alternately, you can decide for preweathered finish, which ensures that the color you start with is the one you get.

The Color

Sealing is a process that may slow down the change of color. The problem with sealants is that they are also prone to wearing down. Another strategy for maintaining the rich teak color is oiling. Oil serves as a protection form weathering but it also facilitates mold and mildew. Definitely the best advice here is to consider where the furniture is placed. If the location is shaded or covered, the color won’t fade so quickly. On the other hand, if your Abacus Bench is exposed to the sun for the greatest part of a day, oiling it once or twice a year will protect the color without increasing the risk of mold and mildew.

Simple Maintenance

Additional advantage of teak outdoor furniture is that it doesn’t require heavy maintenance. Cleaning it once or twice a year with will remove the weathering stains, dirt and dust. The best product for this is a diluted household cleanser and a bristle brush. If your garden evening party takes off, it’s inevitable that someone is going to spill red wine or ice cream on your teak table. Fortunately, you can buy a special teak cleanser which removes the stain with ease. Before undertaking any severe cleaning operation, please consult your vendor or manufacturer for the best solution for your teak finish.

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