5 Cool Developments That Will Change Our Built Environment

It seems the built environment remains the furthest behind in terms of technological advances, yet there are still a number of clever individuals out there capable of coming up with some potentially ground breaking developments that could change the way we construct contemporary buildings in future. The key aims are to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings, enhance their energy efficiency and significantly reduce maintenance costs. Here are some examples of the innovative building technologies that are currently in the process of being developed and what we potentially could see make up buildings of the future…

Smog-Eating Buildings

The technology required to get rid of pollution through the use of buildings already exists despite its rather futuristic nature. The type of building required to “eat smog” may well need some kind of functionality that restricts the focus on aesthetics, yet it turns out that the building currently in existence capable of ridding the nearby surroundings of pollution is a masterpiece. A biodynamic concrete skeleton absorbs smog particles and converts them into inert salts that clean the air.

Self-Healing Concrete Blocks

The repair and replacement of buildings is lengthy and costly process that we could simply do without. So is there any room for enhancing the longevity of our brickwork? Well it turns out that there is a self-healing concrete in the works which automatically repairs itself using calcium lactate. Limestone is created as a by-product when the bacteria feeds on the calcium lactate which seals cracks and enhances the strength of the concrete after it has worn out. This “living concrete” could well be the answer to reducing reparation costs.

Glass Roof Tiles

SolTech is a Swedish-based developer that has come up with the idea of introducing the rather beautifully designed glass tile onto the rooves of our homes, which in-turn provide us with much needed heating. The glass tiles trap the heat produced by the sun and subsequently heat water in homes and help people save plenty of money on energy bills. It’s certainly an interesting take on the idea of green roofing installations.

Zero-Energy Cooling Bricks

They boast plenty of futuristic value and look as wonderful as they are innovative, the 3D-printed zero-energy cooling bricks are absolutely ingenious and have open weaves in them that allow for a process known as evaporative cooling, which can help to cool a room. Emerging Objects are the company that designed the bricks and are the first example of a developer looking to make the most of 3D –printing technologies for the benefit of our built environment.

Clean Energy from Algae

The first ever algae-powered building is in Hamburg, Germany, the home for developments in urban solutions to energy issues. Bioreactors are filled with living algae that grow in direct sunlight to create natural shade for the building. Algae also produces biomass which can be harvested and electricity which can be harnessed to power the building itself. The algae-powered concept is an incredible take on the idea of harnessing renewable energy from nature.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer and marketer representing a number of interior design, property and investment specialist firms, including BSE3D – Building Services Consultants London – who were consulted over the information contained in this post.

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