5 Pieces of Advice for Wannabe Professional Divers

Understand Regulations

Although some places offer restricted participation for Junior Divers, Scuba Dive Training has a minimum age requirement of 12 years old.

Understand the importance of being fit and healthy

As well as being the correct age it is essential that you are at the necessary fitness level to dive – Scuba Diving is a highly active sport and therefore it is vital that you are fit and healthy when participating to ensure your safety at all times.

Determining your level of fitness before your dive training begins is made easier by the World Recreational Scuba Training Council as their website states the potential medical issues involved when scuba diving.

Find the right instructor for you

There are a number of important things to consider when searching for a diving instructor.

It is vital that you look for someone who has a vast amount of diving knowledge, skills and experience as well as making sure that their ways of teaching is suited to you to ensure you get the most from your learning.

Set a budget

It is important that you are clear on how much the overall cost of training will cost as well as the price of the equipment that you will need. When searching for the right training, look out for courses that include all or some of the necessary equipment in the price to keep the initial costs as low as possible.

Complete your Certifications

In order to become a professional scuba diver and be eligible for a C-card you have to complete four open water dives under the supervision of an instructor – these dives will take place in a large body of water and you will be asked to demonstrate the skills you have learnt throughout your training.

If you think that Scuba Dive Training is for you, contact your local dive shop or training centre for more help and advice on the steps you should take in order to become a professional diver.

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