5 Quick Tips to Make Your House Move A Little Easier

Moving into a new home can be an exciting experience, especially if it is your first time moving in with a partner or your first time moving out of your parents’ house. Despite this excitement, I don’t know one person who enjoys packing and unpacking. Packing is tiring and time-consuming, but it has to be done, so I thought that I would offer you some little life hacks on how to make your packing experience a little less stressful, and a lot more convenient.

  1. When packing up each room, use different coloured tape for the boxes so you can easily identify which boxes go in each room. You can inform your removal company of this so that they know what goes where. It may also be a good idea to use an additional coloured tape for all the boxes with essentials in that should be opened first.
  2. Keep fresh sheets for your bed close by, so as soon as you arrive at your new home and the bed and mattress is where it should be, you can make the bed. A made bed will make your new home automatically feel more homely! An added bonus is that when you are completely knackered from all that packing and unpacking, your bed is all ready for you to snuggle into!
  3. Get as many of your friends to help as possible, take the all hands on deck approach. Bribe them with food, trust me it is guaranteed to work! Get pizzas and drinks and entice them in with your delicious snacks. Most friends won’t need any bribing, but it is still good to reward them for all of their effect, after all they have given up a day to help you out!
  4. Pack an overnight bag with all of your essentials and ‘must haves’, you won’t want to be digging around in box after box at the end of the day. Having a bag there with everything you need to get by will make things so much less stressful when getting up the next morning for another day of unpacking.
  5. Before you pack all of your electrical equipment, take a picture of the back of them so that when it comes to reconnecting them all again you can easily put it back together again! No more sitting down for hours wondering how your dad managed to get your TV connected to your sound system!

Follow these tips and tricks to relieve you of some of the stresses on your moving day!

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