5 Tips for Property investment Beginners Seeking Buy-to-Let Properties

One of the most popular long term investments out there is the buy-to-let property scheme which takes full advantage of the simpler investment strategies present in property in comparison to the likes of stock markets and shares. However, taking the first step to your buy-to-let property investment is a pretty major step, so here are some top tips you can make the most of to ensure your buy-to-let investment runs as smoothly as possible.

Location Decision

Choosing the right property to invest in comes heavily down to the location of the property itself. If a property does not service the needs of a tenant, this will result in tenants moving out sharpish, so you need to make sure the tenants have reasons in and around the local area to stay at your property. This could include schools, transport options, shopping centres, night life and more. Property sites can give you an idea of what the competition is like in the local area. You can sue your research to decide which properties take longer to rent and which ones are off the market pretty quickly.

Take Your Time

An investment is a massive step in your experience as a property investor and you should always take plenty of time to make a decision on your investment. Remember, an investment in property has nothing to do with your own personal views on a property, so there shouldn’t really be any excuse for not taking your time and analysing the market thoroughly. You should also take your time when looking to negotiate a good deal and there is a wide range of purchase options available for buy-to-let properties these days. Dedicated buy-to-let mortgage brokers can also help you get the best deal.

Research the Market

It is absolutely essential that you get to grips with the potential pitfalls of the market as much as you do with the benefits. It is a good idea to speak to people who have experience making investments, and to read guides on the subject itself. You should speak to some of the local property investment experts who can provide you with an in-depth beginners guide to investing in property. It’s certainly the best way to start your journey through investment.


If there’s an opportunity to negotiate you should do so and you will be in a strong position as a buy-to-let investor due to being free of any chain. Vendors will always want the process of a transaction to be as simple and as smooth as possible. Discounts can also be negotiated to ensure a quick sale is generated and this will move the process on even faster.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Many investors have made millions through property investors and they have been through all kinds of different scenarios to get to that point. However, the experts suggest that double digit price rises are now a thing of the past and there should now be a completely different long-term focus on investment. Focus on funding your first investment and allow the rent to grow over time until you can afford to buy new investments.

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