5 Top Home Improvement Tips

Home improvement can seem like quite a daunting prospect when you consider what some will pay to revamp their property. However, you don’t necessarily have to part with bucket-loads of cash to get the home improvement results you’re looking for. Here are some top tips you can follow to get your home in the best possible shape without breaking the bank…

Renovate Your Windows

One of the firs tips for saving money on your home improvement scheme needs to revolve around windows, which unfortunately tend to cost you quite a lot regardless of the approach you take. While double glazing may seem quite expensive at first, it will actually save you plenty on your bills in the long term. A renovation of your windows will also see you gain security and comfort. Double glazing can save you as much as £135 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Paintwork Inside and Out

One of the least expensive home improvements you can make to your property is a new coat of paint both indoors and outdoors. You can gain refreshed and cleaned walls almost instantly through painting, with an entirely different shade changing the complexion and impression of the whole room. Painting furniture to suit the interior design specs of your home as well as skirting boards is also a cheap and simple home improvement you can make. Remember that natural paints are the best choice you can make for the environment and your health.

Install New Units

New bathroom and kitchen units are a must at some stage and this is a low-cost way of refreshing your rooms. New worktops can change the face of a kitchen entirely and can also give you a new scope for interior design prospects. It will almost always look good, regardless of whether you install the cheaper laminate alternatives or the genuine granite worktops. For optimal saving, we recommend you go for the laminate option, which comes in granite and other stone finishes.

Introduce a Tiled Patio

If you have plenty of outdoor space at your disposal and the weather conditions are looking particularly favourable for the coming week, why not consider introducing a patio to your garden? It can be a relatively inexpensive job to complete although it would require the help of a professional tiler to get the best possible results. There are many different colours available for patio tiles, from natural rustic designs to other brightly coloured styles and designs. With so much on offer you’ll have no problem creating your ideal patio space.

Home Insulation

Once again a relatively low cost home improvement scheme is insulating your walls and loft. This not only saves you money in the long-term (many years) but also proves beneficial to the environment. Your home will feel a whole lot warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You could save plenty of money from cavity wall insulation as well as floor insulation. There are often government grants available with home insulation, which makes it one of the cheapest home improvements in the long haul.

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