5 Unique Themes for Your Bathroom

Creative changes to transform your bathroom

Bathrooms. We all have them, we all use them. Over a lifetime, we spend an incredible ninety-two days in them, and yet not all of us are keen to personalise what is essentially a personal space. Like the kitchen, bathrooms are considered an expensive and big decorating job.

Some keep the design simple; it is after all a practical space. We go in to this room purposefully, and perhaps only on occasions do we linger for longer (maybe with some reading material!) or for a long soak in the tub.

I’m not really a bathroom buddy. I’m not a ‘bath’ person as they say; I’m all about the power shower so I can move on with my day. However, recently a friend of mine moved into her new home and redecorated the whole house, starting with the bathroom.

They opted for a heroic theme, inspired by comic characters. The walls are painted in a Batman yellow. The shower curtain hangs from bat signal hooks. The black shelving unit is dotted with framed comic artwork and collectible figurines. And what this design does is make their bathroom a really interesting and fun place to be. It is unique.

So here are five more themes that can make your bathroom unique.

Fan zone

Whether it’s Batman or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, take something you are a huge fan of and turn it into a design. A Willy Wonker themed bathroom might include bold colours, maybe a golden goose egg or a framed golden ticket. If you have a glass shower enclosure, decorate it with multi-coloured bubble stickers.

Using movable spotlights with coloured lightbulbs can turn the bathroom into a fun-filled factory that dazzles. Using a variety of different sized and shaped mirrors can create an optical illusion of other spaces hidden in the room.

Buying second hand furnishings and getting creative is another fun way to make your bathroom unique in its design. Take a small, round wooden footstool and paint it with glossy red and white stripes so it looks like it is made out of candy-cane.

And for the finishing touch? You can buy novelty soaps that look like sweets and chocolate!


A modern design is all about keeping things simple but stylish. With a modern design, less is more. It is also a unique style of its own, usually following function rather than trends.

Keep to colours that either blend together, for example whites, greys and blacks, or complement each other, like warm tones. If you want to have a simple dash or pop of colour then accessorise your bathroom with towels that have a minimalist colour design, perhaps a stripe or square motif.

Symmetrical shapes also work well in a modern space. For example, a display of mirrors, circular but cut to different sizes. Or you can choose a pattern that appears subtly in your bathroom, like stripes or checkers.

If using a square modern theme, then using an old ladder as a towel-rail is a unique accessory. It can be sanded, treated and repainted to blend in with your bathroom. The boxed steps would compliment the square theme.

A modern space would be clutter free, so unique storage space is needed. Glass shelving units are transparent and will not detract from the rest of the design.


Relax in a bathroom that is rustic and rural, a space that makes you think of country hideaway retreats rather than your very own home. Whether you can afford to decorate on a grand scale or work with what you’ve got, there are some simple yet effective ways to start incorporating this theme into your bathroom.

Keep the colours neutral with shades of cream, white, and brown. A potted plant in a wicker basket or a rustic-looking bucket will bring in some colour. A wooden bath panel helps achieve a country theme, or if you have a roll top bath then accessorize with natural sponges or wooden handle loafers.

Soap dishes and toothbrush holders with a granite design also help to create a space that is at one with nature. Wicker washing baskets or wooden footstalls are also character building.

Panelled wood effects, either on the wall or on vanity units are ideal. If money is no object, then installing a barn door transforms your step into country living. If redecorating then look for either stonework or wood effect wallpapers to make your walls look like they’re part of a country cottage.


Low lighting, scented candles, comforting warmth, distant melodies softly playing while you hear the deep and slow rush of your own breathing. And relax.

Who wouldn’t want to step into their bathroom for the ultimate spa experience? A unique theme that is ideal for a pampering prince or princess.

There are many spa-themes to choose from. There is the organic or natural theme, with dishes of stones and pebbles and its natural colours, such as rich greens or pale blues. Or perhaps you’d prefer a more spiritual space?

An Eastern ‘Zen’ theme, with candles and bamboo blinds. This theme is all about creating a balanced, feng shui space that has a meditative atmosphere. Using vanity units with large deep drawers will help keep your bathroom clutter free. Keep the lighting minimalist with low-wattage bulbs. The colours should be natural to create a calming mood. Mosaic tiles work well. And whether as an ornament that sits next to a bamboo plant or simple orchid, or as a full sized image printed on the shower screen, the iconic Buddha will also emphasise the Eastern theme.


Forget calm spirituality and relaxation. You’re ready for your close-up!

The bathroom is the space where you transform to Hollywood movie star. It’s a razzle-dazzle room. The mirror is lined with spotlights, there is a dresser space for make-up and hair products, a free-standing screen for the quick costume change, and framed photographs of Hollywood legends or classic movie posters. Not forgetting the memorable snaps of you and your friends stuck to the mirror alongside hearts drawn with red-lipstick.

Colours that will work well are red, purple, or black and white. Accessories can include the odd Oscar or Academy award, star-shaped candles, film-reel frosting on glass shower screens, or a Marilyn Monroe design shower curtain. And maybe, just maybe you could even have your own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, black marble floor? A crystal chandelier wouldn’t look out of place either!

Whatever relationship you have with your bathroom, practical or personal, it can still be a unique space. You just need to find your theme. Visit a few bathroom showrooms in your area to get a little inspiration!





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