5 Ways to Get your Children into Gardening

There is so much pleasure to be had from spending a day in the garden and indeed from maintaining a garden over long period of time, enjoying the wonders it produces both in terms of delicious foods and the joy of it coming from your own garden. It may be that you discovered the joy of gardening as an adult but there is no reason at all why that passion for the outdoors cannot be instilled into children. Below are a few ideas of ways that you can get your children into gardening.

1. Introduce Rewards

Introducing rewards has always been a fantastic strategy when making someone carry out a task. Whether it be some additional pocket money or a means of not having to do some additional household chores, introducing rewards as a means of incentivising your kids to spend more time in the garden is a really effective way of trying to kindle some passionate interest in them. You know you have hit the jackpot when they are still in the garden long after the hour you originally intended. As with all of these things, it helps tremendously if you can find ways of making the activity fun. As we all know, time flies when you are having fun.

2. Create A Sense Of Ownership

We all feel a greater sense of attachment and responsibility when we take some degree of ownership over things. Perhaps you could have your kids plant some seeds at the start of the season, so they feel invested in those seeds developing into healthy plants and receive the satisfaction when they finally are able to eat the produce.

3. Make It A Birthday Present

Giving your children a gardening kit or some tools as a birthday present is a great way to kick-start their love of gardening. A personally owned spade or fork will motivate a child to go outside and use it. Combining this with fun gardening activities will hopefully lead to your child becoming attached to gardening.

4. Make It A Group Activity

If there is a group of young friends all working in the garden, they will quickly feel involved within a team challenge. The social aspect of the activity will make it more enjoyable and you know you have made progress, when the team activities in the garden become a talking point over supper, especially if they are eating something that has been harvested from that very same garden.

5. Buy Them Their Own Gardening Clothes

We are all suckers for new things. These needn’t be expensive but the next time you find yourself in the garden centre, why not suggest that your child can have something from the store. Steer them towards picking out their favourite pair of gardening gloves. It is very important that they chose their favourite pair and you go with their choice. This way, they will want to try out their new toy when you get back to the house. With any luck this will be enough to stir some inner passions in them and they will start spending more time helping you in the garden.

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