Do You Really Want to Sell That House

Are you having trouble selling your home? Are you getting viewings but no realistic offers? Read on…

If you are serious about selling, you need to get out of the mindset that this is your home and start seeing your house as a product to sell. Start seeing your house as if you were a potential buyer. What would you like to see?

The Price is Right?

This is the prerequisite for selling your house. What are similar properties in your area selling for? Is yours priced higher? If it is you have three choices: Lower the price, make the house better than others in your area or both. Discuss this with your estate agent, if you have one.

Use Facebook

Facebook today is massive…and it is free! Take some pictures of your house and write an accompanying paragraph telling people how great the area is. Post this so all your Facebook friends can see it. Ask those friends to share it with their friends. There may even be a Facebook group in your area dedicated to buying and selling homes. Use every avenue at your disposal to inform people your great house is up for sale.

Sell the Lifestyle

The purchaser is thinking how his life will be in your house. Give him an ideal picture. Play some low-level easy-listening music in the background during his visit, brew some coffee or bake some bread (or cheat by warming up some biscuits in the oven) to get a nice (though not overpowering) smell around the house. Be aware of what is great about your neighbourhood and don’t be shy…tell the potential buyer about the great schools, nice shops, transport links, great neighbours…

Get the Right Smells

We touched on this above…bad smells can be a big, big turn off for a prospective buyer. Try to fix the source of the smell:
• Clear drains, wash bins and clean thoroughly
• A last minute spray around with air freshener will work wonders
• Open windows, air the kitchen from old cooking smells, get rid of furniture that is embedded with cigarette smoke
• If the smell of cigarette smoke is a problem, place bowls of vinegar around the house and leave out for a couple of days. When you open the windows, the smell of vinegar will go out, taking with it the smell of smoke and stale cigarettes.


This is a major, major point in the selling process. If your house looks cluttered, the potential buyer will start to wonder, “Where am I going to put all my stuff?” Do you have too much furniture so you can’t walk around without dodging chairs and tables? Get rid of something! If you don’t want to get rid of it permanently, hide it in the garage or the loft…or even the boot of your car until the viewing is over. Hide pots and pans in cupboards in the kitchen. Hide all your Videos and DVDs away in a cupboard. Leave as little on the kitchen worktops as you possibly can. Even hide your family…they make the place look cluttered too! During the viewing, let the potential buyer look around on his own if possible as even your presence makes the place look less spacious. Alternatively, show them to the door of the bedroom for example, and stay outside while he goes in to view it. It will look much more spacious without you there
spoiling the view.

Do You Have a Bold Colour Scheme?

Neutralise! If you have a bright pink bedroom for your little girl, neutralise it. Paint your walls in creams and whites as much as possible. If you need that pink colouring in your daughter’s room, minimise it by just having one wall that colour. Is your wallpaper too busy? Get rid of it. Your potential buyer needs to be able to visualise how he will have the house when he has moved in. Not all buyers have the ability to see past these things, so don’t expect yours to…make it easy for him by giving him a blank canvas for his mind to work on.

Is Your House Dark?

Clean your windows, open your curtains wide and use mirrors to give an illusion of more space. Make use of your lighting. When you have a viewing, switch on all your lights! Yes, all of them. Yes, even the lamps, even the under cupboard kitchen lights. Yes, even in daytime. Everywhere looks bigger, more spacious and therefore better when it is well-lit.

Tackle Some Easy DIY Projects

We become blind to the faults in our own homes. Have a critical walk around your home or even invite a straight-talking friend to do it for you. Try to see it as a potential buyer might

Buyers want perfection, so do what you can to give them it. There are lots of things you can do very cheaply:
• A lick of paint where needed will work wonders
• Dirty rugs and carpets are easily fixed or replaced
• How is the front garden and path? These give the first impression of your home, so make them tidy and nice.
• Don’t forget the outside areas, especially the front door area…is your brass door handle and door knocker nice and shiny? Clean it up or consider new door furniture?
• Does your bath need resealing?
• Do you have any broken or missing tiles in your bathroom?
• How does your kitchen look? A dated kitchen is a real liability when it comes to selling. Consider new cupboards or cupboard doors if necessary.

Make Your House Comfortably Warm

If it’s a cold evening or a chilly day, light your fire. Consider burning some pinecones as these will give a homely, spicy smell, contributing to making your home feel warm and inviting. If you don’t have a fire, turn up the heating. It is better your buyer thinks the house is too warm rather than too cold.

In Short

We are not all marketing professionals but if we want to sell we have to think the way they do. Your house is a product in a crowded marketplace. Your job is to price it right, to market it as widely as you can and to make it as desirable as possible.

Article provided by Quality Ironmongery, a home and garden furniture specialist based in South Yorkshire for over 20 years.

Author: Editor

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