7 Reasons to Choose Oak Furniture for Your Home

Nick Halls, the Founder of the bespoke oak furniture company – Rustic Oak, designs, creates and builds each piece of furniture using Oak Beam and continues to have a true passion for carpentry.

Choosing new furniture for your home can be a real chore – so let us make that choice for you! Read on to find out more.


When you’re looking to update your home, furniture is a really great placeto start. It’s not only functional but it can be beautiful too – especially if you go for a high quality wood like oak. Oak furniture has long been a favourite of home owners, and there are more places to buy it right now than ever. If you’re a little unsure, we’ve got seven reasons why oak is the best choice for your home.

Classic elegance            RO2

Oak furniture is timeless, meaning that investing in some now doesn’t mean you’ll need to change it when you redecorate. You’ll spot it in a number of schemes from contemporary looks to country chic interiors. This versatility means that oak furniture is something that can stay in a family home for generations.

Long lasting

It lasts for ages, as it’s one of the toughest woods out there. If you have children or pets, damage to your furniture can be a real concern. Luckily, oak furniture is famed for its durability, being able to withstand bumps and knocks that any other furniture might not.


We know we said that it was timeless, but oak furniture is also very on trend at the moment. Open any home or interiors magazine and you’re almost certainly going to see some oak furniture in there somewhere.

Low maintenance

Oak is surprisingly easy to care for. All you need to do is stop it from getting too dusty, as this is what can cause the most damage. Just a wipe over with a soft duster every now and again will do the trick. You can also rub it with some beeswax to keep it looking good – but this is very much optional. As furniture goes, oak is very much low maintenance.

Immunity from pests

Oak is also resistant to damage from insects and fungus, so it’s perfect if you are going to use your furniture outside or if you love to keep your doors open in the summer months.

Stains well

If you’re after a particular finish, you’ll be pleased to know that okay stains very well compared to other woods. The grain is a key feature, as it shows through stains and varnishes to preserve the look of the oak.

Suitable for every room

You can use oak furniture throughout your home, from everything to beds and coffee tables to kitchen worktops and shelves. This versatility is down to its durability, as oak is highly unlikely to split or crack – even when under a lot of pressure. So you can even use it the bathroom if you want to, it’s a real all rounder!

If you want a change, go for oak!

Hopefully we’ve convinced you that oak furniture really is the best choice for your home. Oak is often labelled as a premium or expensive wood, but with more and more retailers selling it, that’s fast becoming an outdated view. Yes, it’s not as cheap as some other woods but when you take into account how long it’s going to last, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. Start off small with something like a side table and we guarantee that you’ll catch the bug!RO3

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