Advice on Maintaining the Outside of Your Property

Many homes and properties across the UK are older buildings, including some from before WW2, which are susceptible to structural damage other issues and require regular external and high-access maintenance. Newer buildings also need looking after, and whether you’re a landlord or homeowner it is important to regularly maintain the outside of your property to avoid any costly repairs. Ongoing maintenance and repairs will not only reduce future costs, but help to strengthen your property against future issues.

Getting to those higher areas such as the roof or guttering can be tricky however, and these can be some of the most important areas to maintain to prevent leaks and damages. You might think a ladder would be the most obvious solution, but this might not actually be your best or safest option. If you’re undergoing external or high access property maintenance, you could consider hiring a cherry picker to help you reach those less accessible areas. Here’s some advice and places to look for on your building that everyone should consider when carrying out external property maintenance:


Walls are probably one of the most obvious areas that you’ll have to inspect often. Cracks in the walls and brickwork of your property are the most important thing to look for in walls, and should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Cracks in your walls could be a sign of subsidence, which is not only bad for the property but costly to deal with. In a brighter scenario, a crack could just be a sign of aging, either way it’s best to deal with the problem as soon as you notice it.


Blocked or damaged gutters can be a major issue and should be regularly cleaned and maintained to prevent them from reaching such a state. Water from leaks or overflowing gutters can cause damage and decay to the walls of your property, as well as erosion and soil softening which could lead to problems with the building’s foundation. Moss growing on the roof and falling into the guttering is another common issue that should be dealt with swiftly to prevent a build-up. Regular checks of gutters and drains should be carried out to check for damage and prevent blockages.

The Roof

The roof is much harder to access and see all of, and could be a situation where a cherry picker might prove to be safer and more useful than a standard ladder. Checks should be carried out to ensure all tiles are present and not damaged. Cracked or damaged tiles have a risk of falling and potentially injuring people below. Broken or missing tiles are also likely to lead to an overall drop in temperature of your property or home, as well as leaks and water damage during heavy rainfall. Any damaged or missing tiles should be replaced as soon as possible to help fix or prevent any resulting issues.


Trees near your property may look nice, but are likely to lead to problems in the future if not properly looked after and maintained. Branches resting against your building could cause structural damage, and could lead to leaves filling up your gutters, so regular pruning is recommended. Tree roots could also be causing problems underground, such as interfering with underground drainage pipes and leading to blockage and other damages. Be careful if you decide to remove trees, as this can cause more problems if not done carefully and correctly. Trees on your property can look great, but should be planted with caution and regularly maintained to reduce external and other types of property damage.

To conclude, external property maintenance should definitely be carried out regularly to reduce heavy costs and damages. If you’re feeling keen, you could hire a cherry picker to help you with high access and external maintenance. If you’re not sure about carrying out your own external inspection, it’s best to speak to professionals who will be more than happy to help inspect and maintain your property.

Article provided by MC Property Maintenance, a crane specialist based in West Sussex offering a 24hr call out service.

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