Autumn Allergy? It Could Be Mould and Dust

Deep Clean Your Home To Banish Symptoms

If you’re coughing and sneezing while spending time indoors, you could be suffering from a common allergic reaction.

We associate allergies with spring, when hayfever strikes people all over the UK. It’s not just during the warmer months that people suffer from allergies. As you spend more time indoors this winter, you may find that you’re exhibiting a few strange symptoms. There’s no need to panic though, as you could just be suffering an allergic reaction to dust or mould. You probably didn’t notice it building up over the summer while you were spending time outdoors, but now is the time to tackle it and banish your annoying symptoms!


So how do you go about figuring out that you have a dust or mould allergy? It should be pretty easy to do, seeing as most of the symptoms are similar to other allergies such as hayfever. Sneezing, a runny or stuffy nose, irritated or watery eyes, coughing, wheezing, itching and rashes are all common. If you’ve been suffering with any of those, then you probably do have a dust allergy, which can be in turn triggered by mould spores in the air. Of course, if you do have any concerns or your symptoms worsen, you should visit a healthcare professional.

Cleaning your home

A deep clean is the first step to getting rid of a build up of dust and mould in your home. Minimizing humidity in the household will help to reduce the amount of dust in the air, so invest in a dehumidifier if you can. Keeping pets out of bedrooms and living areas is advisable, but that’s not always possible. Wash your bedlinen on a hot cycle regularly too, and use anti-allergy pillow and duvet covers. You can prevent mould from developing by cleaning up spillages and leaks quickly, and opening the window in hot, humid rooms like the bathroom.

Professional rug cleaning

Sometimes you want complete peace of mind, and that’s when it’s time to call in the experts. Having your carpets and rugs cleaned professionally is a great way to ensure that any dust and mould is eradicated. A rug cleaning company will take your rugs away to thoroughly vacuum and wash them with specialist solutions that are tailored to each rug. So if yours are particularly valuable or delicate, there’s no need to carry on letting them harbour mould and dirt for fear of them being damaged in the cleaning process. In the right hands, a rug or carpet can be totally transformed.

Clean your home now in time for Christmas

Having a deep clean and then having your rugs serviced professionally will not only help you to reduce your allergy symptoms, but will make your house look beautiful in time for the festive season. Nobody wants to be feeling under the weather during the Christmas period, so there’s never been a better time to sort out your mould and dust problem than right now. You’ll be able to invite your friends and family over with complete confidence too, safe in the knowledge that your home won’t be triggering any watery eyes or sneezing fits. It’s easy to let allergies get you down, but by taking action today they won’t win.

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