Clearly a smart choice – Perspex coffee tables

Clear acrylic coffee tables remain a hugely popular choice for the design-conscious homeowner.

Although Perspex coffee tables tend to look fairly contemporary, their advantage is that they with almost any design scheme: from cool contemporary look to a more traditional style, the tables will add the final finishing touch.

Clear acrylic is also brilliant for making the most of available light so they are ideal for smaller or light limited rooms, making the most of available space. In larger rooms, their transparent nature means they will not detract from a carefully created interior scheme and in smaller rooms or light limited rooms they reflect light helping the create a brighter or larger feeling to the

The sheer variety of styles of Perspex coffee tables, however, means it is possible to find a table design that becomes a part of the overall scheme. From Scandi plain to Rococo bling, there are plenty of designs to choose from – and prices to pay. Plenty of established furniture makers or interior designers have added key Perspex pieces to their offering. But it is also easy to buy a high quality designer-style Perspex coffee table at an affordable every day price.

Perspex Coffee Tables Bring Style to Any Room

Contemporary, eclectic, vintage or traditional – no matter the overall concept, a clear Perspex coffee table will find a place either centre stage or in the wings. The transparent tables offer great flexibility. Dressed with books or contemporary ceramics, they make a great centre piece, not distracting from the soft furnishings or floor coverings. But they can also be used at the side of the room, dressed to add interest. And why not try them in halls or bedrooms where again their unselfish nature makes them a smart choice.

Why look for the name Perspex? Perspex is a premium branded acrylic and, as such, is manufactured to the highest industry standards possible. Perspex has an enviable reputation as the very best acrylic available and offers the promise of durability as well as safety features such as being shatterproof –it really is the safer, cheaper advantage to glass. And silicon-finish Perspex coffee tables offer an ultra-realistic glass effect.

Whether you are looking to redesign your living room from scratch or just looking for an affordable furniture item to add some interest to your current design scheme, a Perspex coffee table is clearly a smart choice.

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