Explore your Kitchen this summer

Your kitchen is just as, or if not more important than any room around your home. You use this room to cook, eat, socialise and much more…so why not give it the makeover it fully deserves?

Get some tiling

Tiling looks fantastic when used properly around your home. The benefits of using tiling in your kitchen are obvious, it is easy to clean, modern and looks fantastic. As with most items around your home, there are a huge range of tiles available on today’s market. Tiles are generally used as a flooring option in your kitchen, however they can look great when used in conjunction with paint in cooking areas.

Limestone tiles
are generally a popular tiling choice in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. This is because limestone is a high quality product and offers a clean and modern look.

Update your kitchen suite

If your kitchen suite is becoming more of a kitchen nightmare than a modern masterpiece, maybe it’s time to give this an update? Updating your old and tacky looking cupboards can give your kitchen an instant design transformation. If you are aiming for a classy look I would steer away from the common beach or white kitchen suites. These look cheap, are cheap and usually don’t stand the test of time.

If you are aiming for a modern and dark look I would personally go for a black or marble suite, these give an expensive look and are used in most modern kitchens. If you prefer a traditional look, try going for an oak or cream painted suite as these look a little classier than white.

Get a dining table

Your dining table is the centre piece of your kitchen. Friends & family gather round this for special occasions, food, drinks and much more. Picking the perfect dining table depends on the styling of your room. After the tips above, if you choose a modern suite you may want to opt for a more modern looking dining set, whereas for traditional kitchens I would choose an oak set.

Update your appliances

Your kitchen is only as useful as the appliances you have in it. If you have an old white kitchen appliance set, why not treat yourself to an upgraded set? Updating the appliances in your kitchen can also have cost benefits in the long run. As modern appliances have become more energy efficient, you will notice a huge difference in your monthly bills.

Replace your doors

Even though these are technically not a huge factor or the first thing you think to replace in your kitchen, your doors can affect how the room looks. Your doors are also the main security to your kitchen area. If you are looking to invest some of your hard earned money into your kitchen, why would you leave this room unsecure with an old and broken external door? Composite Doors offer huge security benefits to your entire home, with the latest door locks, handles, latches and much more.

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