Fall in Love With Your Garden This Summer

Once the summer starts, people try to find various ways to stay cool and spend time in the shade – summer vacation, a visit to a beach, spa center, an afternoon spent by the pool and home air conditioning units are just a few options many enjoy. But, some of these tend to cost a bit too much and you cannot always afford a fortnight in Greece or the Bahamas, so you have to look for other solutions. If you have a garden, however, your choice has already been made and the job of picking your summer location can be considered done. With a few changes and tweaks, you too can transform your garden into a place where you can spend countless hours and fully experience summertime.

The Plan

First things first, you have to make a plan before starting this project – decide what you want your garden to look like, how many people you wish to accommodate, what kind of seating arrangements you can offer, what the additional details are available, and so on. Without a detailed plan made in advance, your project can drag on and on and will never be completely finished and you will never be completely satisfied.

The Space

When speaking about garden arrangements, people most often find it difficult to find an area large enough for the entire family and a circle of close friends, but this can be overcome easily. Dedicate a patio or a part of the garden to this cause, and you will have the rest of it for more traditional things like planting vegetables and flowers. Moreover, you can even circle the outdoor area with some bushes and separate it from the rest of the garden.

Seating Options

Depending on how many people you want to entertain, bear in mind that you will probably have to purchase some garden furniture – benches, chairs, stools and a coffee table. On top of that, introduce some lazy bags for the children and even a rocking chair for a completely laid-back time. Finally, accentuate the space with some decorations and careful color choices – do not go with green because that is already the dominating outdoor color.

Outdoor Rugs

While you can zone the space by arranging the furniture in a square or rectangle, an even better option is using an outdoor rug – it will break areas intended for relaxing and eating, for example, and do it quite efficiently. With so many patterns and sizes available, it is also important to follow current trends and styles, so you could consult rugs designers and check their suggestions, or even make up a style of your own!

Movie Nights in the Open

Open-air cinemas have been getting more and more attention over the past decade and their popularity is on the rise because they combine good entertainment, quality family time and a chance to be in the open. Turning your garden into an outdoor cinema requires getting a projector and a screen, as well as some seats, and this can be done relatively cheaply and quickly. You do not even have to buy a professional screen: a side wall of the house or even an extra large clean white sheet will suffice.

Further Options

Of course, these are not all the options you have for this arrangement – set a fire pit, hang a hammock, install some lightings, and, of course, plan a shade. You do not have to leave your home in order to have a great time and if you invest the money intended for a summer vacation, you will be able to turn your garden into your personal outdoor heaven.

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