Five Reasons Why Burglar Alarms Are the Most Effective Security Solution

Installing an Alarm Brings A Wealth of Benefits

 If you have been pondering the question of whether you need a burglar alarm, the answer is a resounding yes, for more reasons than you might think.

 Everyone worries to a greater or lesser extent about the risk of intruders in their home or business. Having property stolen or damaged is bad enough, but in a domestic setting in particular, it is the feeling of violation that victims of housebreaking find hardest to come to terms with.

Spend half an hour on the internet and you will come up with a dozen or more security measures you can implement to protect your property. But the most obvious one to spring to mind is the installation of an alarm. For those living in the south east in particular, burglar alarms Essex and the home counties are a ubiquitous sight. If your home or business does not have an alarm, or if it is something that dates back many years, now is the time to install something cutting edge. Here’s why.

Keep on walking

Burglars are opportunists and will go for the easiest target. Just the sight of a security system, particularly one that includes cameras, will be enough to convince any undesirables that they should keep their heads down and walk on by.

 Protect your assets

These days, our homes contain more high value items than ever in terms of smartphones, TVs, jewellery and so on. Even more worrying, though, is the fact that car security is now so effective that our home is the weakest link, and the simplest way for a car thief to operate is to break in to a house and take the keys.

For businesses, the risks are no less severe. Losing expensive equipment is bad enough, but having sensitive customer data stolen could rapidly escalate into a PR disaster.

Save money

What’s the first question that comes up on the list when you search for content insurance quotes? To paraphrase, is it along the lines of have you got an alarm and is it any good? Insurance premia are calculated on sound mathematical principles according to risk. If the alarm is in place, the risk is reduced and so is your monthly payment, it is that simple.

Enjoy your time away

Whether you’re a homeowner taking a family holiday or a business owner enjoying a well-deserved break over a bank holiday weekend, there is nothing worse than that nagging worry that comes with leaving your home or premises empty. It somehow seems so obvious, despite your best efforts, and you feel you are leaving an open invitation for thieves to smash a window and help themselves. An intruder alarm acts as a visible deterrent, and if you choose a system with cameras, you have the additional comfort of being able to see for yourself that all is well.

A sound investment

Unlike insurance, which sometimes seems like wasted money when we don’t make a claim, a burglar alarm is a solid investment whatever happens. A modern system will enhance your property and be an excellent selling point if you ever decide to put it on the market.


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