Heating Your Home in Style

As well as trying to make homes more cost efficient, home owners also have the responsibility of making their homes more energy efficient which could prove to be difficult initially but result in savings in energy bills in the long time.

Anyone selling their home will know about the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that monitors and ranks your homes performance. This can be a really important piece of information for anyone buying a home as they will want to know whether they would have to invest in a new heating system, windows or insulation.

The news that a new piece of European legislation that is due to come into effect in September 2015 will also be of interest to anyone in the heating industry or looking to improve their home. Carbon emission reduction targets of 34% by 2020 then 80% by 2050 mean that certain requirements will have to be met during the installation of new systems.

It can also be difficult for people looking to find heating options for their home that can not only offer better performance but also offer the style and design that will compliment a home or look.

What is on offer?

There are now a number of great heater options available for customers to choose from including designer radiators, convector radiators, column radiators, cast iron radiators and heated towel rails. Interior design is not something you can just guess at and when you involve something like a complicated heating system and the plumbing work needed to get it running you will want to ensure that you make the right decisions.

As well as style and design, size and colour are of the utmost importance to customers who are looking to maximise the space in their home as well as compliment any home décor.

Heated towel rails are becoming one of the most popular choices to have in bathrooms offering an efficient way to heat the room while also coming in a range of styles and designs that can help to make them a focal point of any bathroom.

Customer Needs

Living space can also be greatly affected by the style of heater and more companies are becoming aware of their customer’s needs. Having this awareness can help companies advise home owners on which style will suit a specific kind of home but which will also get the best performance. After all, it would be pretty pointless putting all of your efforts into getting a radiator that looks great but fails in its primary function, to heat your home.

It is worth it in the end

It may seem daunting for someone that is looking to change their home heating system with all these choices and changes taking place but it really is a long term benefit. The changes being put forward will ensure more energy efficiency in homes which, in turn, will lead to lower energy bills. As for having a bigger choice, it may mean you take a bit longer to look through your options but it also means you are much more likely to get the right radiators and heating system in your home.

Be sure to look about and ask for advice if you are unsure and remember that this commitment will be in your home for the foreseeable future so never feel like you have to make do.

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