Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home

It’s safe to say that everyone who puts their home on the market is hoping to sell it for the asking price. And it’s no wonder, when we are constantly bombarded with stories about housing shortages, why some sellers are led to believe that this is all they need to do to find a buyer. This can result in properties languishing on the market for months and months, much to the owners’ dismay.

And whilst there are many reasons why a property is not selling, there are some simple and cost effective steps that homeowners can take to attract potential buyers and generate multiple offers on their home.

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

It might sound simple but not cleaning the property before scheduling a viewing is a common mistake made by sellers. Even the smallest detail like a hair in the bath, or crockery on the draining board is enough to put off a potential buyer. We’re all guilty of letting the laundry pile up or putting off vacuuming occasionally, but your home should be spotless every time a potential buyer walks through the door. This applies to both indoor and outdoor space, even if you are selling your property in winter.

You should also pay attention to the smells in your home. It’s all very well scrubbing the house right before a viewing, but if the buyer is met with the strong smell of cleaning products as soon as you open the door, it’s unlikely to create a good impression. Smell is the most emotional of all the senses, so it’s no wonder that scent marketing is a tactic often employed by brands to generate more sales. And there is evidence to suggest that it works when selling homes too. Whether it’s baked goods, clean washing, or fresh coffee, a familiar ‘homely’ scent can help the buyer to create an emotional connection with a property that is more likely to stick with than the square footage of the master bedroom.

Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity

Too many personal items and clutter can also be off-putting to buyers. They need to be able to see themselves in the property and the life they would lead if they lived there. Having family photos hung on every wall and kids toys scattered all over the place can make it harder for them to visualise their own belongings in the space. Of course a sterile looking home is equally unappealing, so it’s important to find the right balance.

In a similar manner, every space should have a clear purpose. If you are lucky enough to have an extra room that you are currently using as storage space for miscellaneous items, or to dry your washing, you need to make sure that it is presented as a functional space to potential buyers. If it is big enough, could you set it up as a spare bedroom? Or perhaps a study? You can always use a furniture hire company as an affordable way of achieving this to avoid buying furniture you don’t need.

Go with the Flow

Just as every room needs to have an obvious function, your furniture should create a flow within each individual space. This is particularly crucial with open plan spaces, where furniture needs to be arranged to lead the buyer around the house in a way that feels natural.

A quick and affordable way to achieve this is by using similar colour schemes to connect each room. Neutral colours will allow you to create this effect in a sophisticated way. You might love the dramatic dark purple walls in your dining room, but this can be distracting for buyers, who might be so fixated on the colour of the walls that they neglect to notice the room’s full potential.

The most important thing to remember when you are setting up your home for viewings is that you are not just selling bricks and mortar, you are selling a lifestyle. That doesn’t mean spending a small fortune to redecorate, but a few small touches can go a long way in creating an inviting and desirable home for potential buyers.

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