How to add value to your home using your bathroom

If you’re thinking of selling up and want to add value to your home, you’re in luck, because FourWalls has compiled a list of small and large jobs that could do just this – and they all involve your bathroom!

Remember though, it’s not for you, so try not to let your own style preferences steer your choices too much – tailor your changes to what you think buyers are looking for.

Update your flooring

If your bathroom’s looking a bit shabby underfoot, you might consider updating the flooring. Some practical and stylish options include stone, porcelain, ceramic, wood or vinyl tiles. You might go for lighter colours to make the room feel larger, or perhaps something dark to create a trendy contrast against a pale bathroom suite.

Style-up your storage

Are your cupboards, shelves or racks looking in need of a bit of TLC? Depending on what your storage is made from, you might be able to get away with revamping what you’ve already got – and if not, it might be worth investing in some new pieces to impress the buyers. Make sure all the hinges and handles are functioning properly too. They’re not a big problem for potential buyers to fix, but you’ll create a better overall impression if everything’s in working order.

Splash out on a sink

If your sink’s a bit behind the times, bring it into the 21st century with a contemporary, sophisticated replacement. From vessel, pedestal and undermount to drop-in, wall-mounted and console sinks, there’s plenty of choice out there. Your sink can make a notable difference to the look and feel of your vanity area, so have a think about the shape too – rectangle, oval, square or circle, which would work best in your given space?

Give it a lick of paint or a good grout

If your bathroom walls are painted, give them a fresh coat to get them looking good as new again. If you’re happy with how the current colour sits, stick with it. If not, have a look into some popular shades that’ll complement the rest of your bathroom.

If your bathroom walls are tiled, get them looking tip-top by giving them a good scrub and touch-up any grout if required.

Tend to the nitty-gritty bits

Have you been neglecting any dripping, loose, stiff or squeaky taps? Is your toilet flush or seat a bit damaged? If so, now might be the time to fix them. While they’re all little jobs when isolated, they could improve the overall functionality of your bathroom.

Go big or go home

If your bathroom is in desperate need of a major update and you’re willing to put the pennies in, you could invest in a whole new bath, shower or toilet. These are much larger jobs that will involve plumbing and fitting work, but the visible and practical impact will be instantly evident and it could make a real difference to your home’s value and your ability to attract buyers.

To take the financial input back a peg or two, you could always look into just replacing smaller parts, such as the toilet seat, bath taps and shower doors or curtains.

Look at your lighting

If your current lighting isn’t doing your bathroom any favours, you could look into alternative options. You want your bathroom to be bright and clear – if your current lighting is making it look dull and gloomy, perhaps it’s time to do something about it.

There’s lots of lighting options that could give your bathroom a personality: spotlights, mirror lighting, chandeliers, bath tub and LED floor lights are just a few.

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