How to add value to your home using your kitchen

Whether you’re planning on moving or not, adding value to your property is never a bad move to make.

The team over at Ocean loans have already looked at how you could add value to your home using your bathroom, and now they’re back again to explore more tips to increase the worth of your property.

From the layout and colour scheme to storage and appliances, there’s a whole load of options to choose from – some more cost-efficient than others.


Have a play around with the current layout – are you making the most of the area you’re working with? Could a bit of re-arranging allow you to create desirable features, such as a breakfast bar? The best part about this is that may be possible to make changes using your existing units – or by adding just a few new ones – so it needn’t cost a fortune.

Doors, handles and surfaces

This can be the quickest and cheapest way to a kitchen makeover. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean pulling out all your cabinets and splashing out for brand new ones. At the very least, you could update your door knobs, but if you’re after a more striking change, consider replacing your cupboard doors and/or surface tops. From concrete, quartz and granite, to solid wood, soapstone and stainless steel, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to possible countertop materials.

Colour scheme

Be careful with the colour palette you opt for. You might love hot pink wall paint with a sprinkle of orange accents, but chances are potential buyers (now or in the future) won’t. Go for neutral colours such as white or cream so that future owners have a blank canvas to work with, and then bring your kitchen to life with colourful appliances, such as your kettle, toaster and bread bin. An added bonus of neutral, paler colours is that they can create an illusion of more space, whereas bold colours can sometimes make a room seem busier and more enclosed.


Try and get clever with your storage solutions to reduce surface area clutter. This is important if you are planning on selling. When potential buyers come for viewings you will want to showcase a neat and tidy kitchen, and them how they can make the most of the space for storage. Exploit your cupboards and drawers to eliminate the amount of utensils that are left on display. A quick and thrifty trick could be to fix racks on to the back of cupboard doors to stow away things like herbs, spices, bin bags, pots and pans.


If your kitchen is looking a little down and dull, consider refreshing your current lighting scheme. From track and under-cabinet bulbs to dimmers and recessed lighting, there are lots of options out there. Assess the dimensions of your kitchen to figure out which one will flatter it most. Once you know which option you want, the fun part is choosing a style that suits!

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