How to Create a Living Space that Is Warm and Inviting

The sad truth is that not all rooms are as warm and inviting as they could be or should be but with a bit of effort they can be transformed into living space that really is warm and above all, inviting. Have you ever been to the home of a friend and felt totally uncomfortable in your surroundings? You know it isn’t because you aren’t welcome in their home because they are gracious hosts and some of the best friends you’ve ever had, it’s just a feeling of being ‘out of place.’ Well, it’s not you! It’s the room you’re in.

Colour Plays a Critical Role

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when decorating a living area that’s meant to be warm and cosy is the misuse of colour. Your favourite colour may be blue or lavender but those colours aren’t often associated with warmth but rather cool detachment. If you are going for warmth, use warm colours. Earth tones are ideal or creating an atmosphere of warmth so when deciding on a colour scheme, keep this in mind.

Furnishings Can Be Inviting

Have you ever walked into a room and spotted an oversized arm chair that just seemed to be screaming for your attention? A warm and inviting living space should be just like that. The furniture you choose will either invite anyone who enters to make themselves comfortable or will make them feel put off. You can also carry colour through with your choice of furniture as well. Check out the selection of colourful contemporary furniture to get an idea of how colour plays a vital role in suggesting comfort. It’s amazing what you can learn from the psychology of colour.

Bright Lights Don’t Cut It

If you are going for a warm and inviting atmosphere, ambient lighting is your best choice. Bright lights are anything but inviting and the only thing they serve to do is make you nervous – like you should be doing something. Consider your job at the office. Those lights are bright so that you can see what you are doing and since most of us associate bright lights with a work environment that carries through to the household as well. Kitchens and bathrooms should be well lit, not living areas! Your takeaway from this? Lighting sets mood.

Design Elements Add an Air of Warmth

From candles on your tables to pictures on the walls, design elements can do a lot towards adding warmth to a room. Together with a warm colour scheme, comfortable furniture and ambient lighting, design elements give your room that finishing touch it so needs. Use design elements to bring everything together and you’ll be amazed at the final results.

There now, you finally have that warm and inviting living space you’ve been dreaming of for so long. It wasn’t all that difficult to accomplish once you understood how to use colour, space and lighting to your advantage, was it? Keep these pointers in mind for the next room you want to add warmth to and you’ll be one step ahead of the game each and every time.

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