How To Furnish A Bedroom On A Budget Without Compromising On Style

Whether you want to give your bedroom a new lease of life in time for spring or you just want a refresh to sell your house quickly, there are lots of ways to do so stylishly without breaking the bank. With a few small purchases here and there and a little elbow grease, you can make a bedroom look super smart no matter how tight the budget. The simplest solutions can have amazing effects, so give these a try and see the results for yourself.

Save Space and Cash

The first and most important thing to remember when furnishing, is that less is more. You can cut your spend considerably simply by not over-filling the space! Minimalism is totally in and will continue to be for a long time, so use this to your advantage and pare down to just the basics. Begin by deciding what you can’t live without and go from there. If you can, find furniture that doubles up in function, for example a bunk bed for kids that has a play space underneath or a bookshelf for a home office which could also be used as a printer stand. You really don’t need much furniture to make a room look fabulous, keep it as simple as possible for that post-modern chic feel.

Love Pre-Loved

Ikea is amazing for more affordable furniture, but when you pay less you may also be skimping on quality. This is why Gumtree and Ebay are always the first places I look for furniture, as you can find very well-made pieces for a fraction of their original price. Last year for instance, my friend needed a new sofa and was looking to pay around £500 for a ‘cheap’ one that most likely would have been average to look at and not to mention badly made. I convinced her to hold off and we scoured Gumtree. It took a few days and a couple of dead ends but we eventually found a sofa that was as good as new, of beautiful quality and style and in the end, she only paid a fifth of what she had initially planned!

Lights Lights Lights

Nothing makes a room feel more spacious and sophisticated than the right lighting and it doesn’t have to cost the world. If you have time, there are some lovely DIY lighting projects you can do at home to make stylish and unique lighting on a budget. Alternatively, you can find lots of affordable lighting shop online with lamps starting from £4.99. As it’s a bedroom, focus on accent lighting such as bedside lamps and string lights to create atmosphere. The type of light is important too, strip lighting or bulbs that have a bluish tinge will instantly make a room feel cheap. Stick to warm quality lights to make the room feel luxurious and add a touch of finesse.

Whatever the reason for furnishing your bedroom, there are lots of ways to make it look fabulous without it costing an arm and leg. Remember that it’s much better to just invest in a couple of multi functional pieces than overcrowding a room with furniture and don’t forget to keep it light!

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