How To Get Rid of Moths in Your Home?

Moths are a common household problem. Although they are not harmful, moths can cause a lot of damage to furniture, clothes and carpets in your home.

How do you know that you have got an infestation?

The first and most obvious sign of moths to look out for are a number of holes in clothes, bed sheets or blankets. Try and find out where the main problem is – this is usually where the most damage can be seen.
Another sign could be a discolouration of clothes or if you notice they have a dust covering.
A musky smell when opening a wardrobe or piece of furniture can also be a tell-tale sign that you need to take action.

How to get rid of the infestation

It is vital that, as well as stopping the immediately problem by setting up moth traps, you put preventative actions in place to stop them from returning in the future.
Ensure that every bit of clothing that could have come into contact with the moths is washed to get rid of any eggs that may have been laid, as well as cleaning the affected closet, wardrobe or draws and making sure the moths that could be hiding in the corners of your furniture are hovered up.

Prevent further outbreaks in the future

Moths are more common in warm and humid areas, so ensure your clothes are in a cool environment and are aired regularly.
If you have clothes in your closet that are not worn frequently it is a good idea to store these items in air tight bags.
It is important that you take action to get rid of the infestation as soon as you spot it! If all steps are carried out and moths are still a problem in your home, you should contact an expert pest control team for professional help.


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