How to Make Sure You Don’t Call a Cowboy Plumber

When a problem occurs within your home you want the problem to be fixed as quickly as possible by a fully qualified and professional plumber. However, there are many dishonest plumbers within the trade that will claim they are reputable but will carry out low quality work at extortionate prices.

Ask for evidence

When searching for the right plumber for you, don’t be afraid to ask for proof of their certificates. This many seem like a lot of work for the plumber, but if they are legit and they want the work they will have no problem with proving to you that they are fully qualified.

As well as this, don’t forget to ask to see a copy of their liability insurance and always check if they are a member of any trade associations. It is not a legal requirement for a plumber to be part of an association or professional body, but those who value and take pride in their work usually will be, making them the more reliable and trusted option.


Before accepting a quote from your plumber, always ask for a list of names and contact numbers of past clients who are happy to discuss the work they have carried out for them. This way you get first-hand knowledge of how they carried out a job and what the end result was.

Are they booked up?

If you have been quoted by a plumber for a big job you would like carried out and they tell you they can start within a few days, be wary – there may be a reason for this! There may be a few exceptions, such as last minute cancellations or dates and times changing, but most plumbers who carry out quality work are booked up for weeks in advance.

So when you are in search of the perfect plumber, don’t panic – follow the steps above to guarantee you don’t hire a cowboy plumber!


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