Inclusive Kitchens – Why Should you Take the Plunge

From large country mansions to compact city flats, kitchens of all shapes and sizes are used to create beautiful dishes and fantastic bakes all across the country. Even if you’ve only just put your chef’s whites on, or you’re a seasoned professional, getting to know your kitchen is essential for fantastic meals every time. That being said, it is important that each and every kitchen is designed to suit the needs of the kitchen owner.

There is no use in putting up with a kitchen that is not suited to fit your needs, particularly if you have any special requirements when it comes to accessing certain appliances and storage solutions within the kitchens. Inclusive and accessible kitchens are kitchens designed specifically to have adjustable height worktops and accessories to make life a little easier for those with particular requirements who also enjoy cooking up a storm.

So what are inclusive kitchens and how can they benefit you in the long run?

Inclusive kitchens are bespoke designer kitchens that follow the unique concept of designing the kitchen around the individual. Where certain people have particular access or height requirements, special accessories and units need to be created and installed in order to meet these requirements. They are available in a range of colours and options and can also be height adjustable if not everyone within the household requires special access.

Space is a real issue in inclusive kitchens, so many professional designers combine efforts in order provide efficient solutions that make the best use for the space available, while at the same time still keeping convenience where needed. In many cases a linear formation is used, as the transfer of food and washing up from fridge – oven – sink is then made short and simple, which is necessary for accessible kitchens.

Creating Kitchens Designed to Suit You

If you have lived in your current home for three years or thirty years, it is pointless struggling along every day if there is something you can do about it. By hiring a professional kitchen designer or a contractor to take a look at your current kitchen and undergo accessible renovations, you are making your life easier and less stressful in the long run, particularly if you are looking at the current property as a permanent home. Do not suffer in silence just because you think it might be easier!

With a number of specialists working every day to improve such situations across the country, you are not alone in your needs, so there are experts with specific experience in the design, fit and installation of inclusive kitchens and inclusive kitchen designs who can help you. Your kitchen is as much a part of the house as every other room, so why not make it completely unique to your property?

Other Useful Appliances

In addition to hiring a professional kitchen designer, there are also appliances and accessories that you can buy which makes the best use of the space available, allowing you to move more freely around your kitchen. Examples of good inclusive appliances include the Neff Hide&Slide oven, which involves a revolutionary door that can be pulled out and pushed completely underneath the oven, leaving more space for you to check your bakes without having to fumble with an awkward oven door in the way. Another good design option is to utilise sliding pull out kitchen units, as that way all accessories and utensils can be easily accessed and put away with little difficulty. Ask for inspiration from a kitchen designer to see what they might be able to come up with!

Whereas a lot of people take pride in their renovated kitchens by indulging in big and fancy appliances that they will never use, why not make your kitchen both beautiful and practical by transforming it into an inclusive kitchen that is perfectly suited to meet the needs of both you and the rest of your family members. By taking the plunge with an inclusive kitchen and adding a few helpful appliances, you save on both time and stress, leaving you more free time to do what you love best; be it cooking or baking or just heating up pizza!

Article provided by Price Kitchens; designers of beautiful, bespoke kitchen and bedroom furniture. Based in Surrey, the company celebrated its 35th year of trading in 2015.

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