Interior Design: Dos and Don’ts of Mixing and Matching

Attractive lighting, blended colours, adequate and interesting furniture, quality materials, positive energy in space in which you feel comfortable; in short – a well-designed interior. To achieve that, you should take in consideration a few dos and don’ts in interior design.


Colours for the interior should be the colours that are usually associated with nature. These include neutral white, grey, comfortable brown and cream colours combined with bright sea blue, yellow or orange. This is where the colour psychology steps in. There are colours to avoid but it is important to choose the right shades that will blend and create a harmonious and relaxing appearance of your home. It is definitely important to mach the colours of the wall with colours of the furniture that you already own. Your favourite piece of furniture in the room – a sofa, chair or cabinet, should be the starting point for the selection of the wall colours. If your furniture is darker, paint one wall in the room in colour that will imitate the darker shade of the furniture, and the remaining walls in harmonious lighter shades.

If there is not enough natural light in your home, it is recommended to avoid any dark and strong tones and to focus on the bright and brilliant hues. The best advice would definitely be to leave the selection of the wall colours for the end. Wall paints are available in almost every shade you can imagine. So, choose furniture, floor and carpets you want in your home and then match the colour of the walls with them.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects in any interior. It has a crucial influence on the atmosphere in the room and it can make the room pleasant, cheerful and romantic. These two don’ts in lighting and interior decoration should be avoided.

You only have one source of light – The key to good lighting of the room is to set up more sources of the light at different heights. Do not rely only on one source. Combine chandeliers floor and table lamps to get the best effect. Floor lamps combined properly can really transform your space. Hence, you should research lighting shops online and choose what suits you the best. And what about switches? You set them in the wrong places? If you do not know where exactly should to set switches, here are some tips. The switch should be set at 90 cm from the floor and 5 to 10 cm from the doorframe. This way it will not interfere with pictures on the wall, and there they will always be at your fingertips.


The most important thing is to choose comfortable furniture. The latest trends will advise to go for mixing and matching to show your individuality. Unless you have no other choice, do not place all the furniture against the wall because it makes the space visually smaller. Instead, try to group pieces of furniture to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Do not buy furniture that does not fit your space. It is not a good idea to by a piece of furniture just because it is cheap. When choosing the furniture try to fulfil important criteria – comfort, convenience and good looks.

Keep in mind that we spend the majority of our time in our home, which is why it should be cosy, comfortable and welcoming.

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