Newly Weds: Create a Romantic Bedroom Haven

Bedroom haven for a newlywed couple – a tip or two3


Decorating your first home as a married couple is one of the most pleasurable and exciting interior decoration projects that anyone will ever undertake. Even if you have previously lived together before the wedding, it is time to give it that newlywed feel! One of the most important rooms in a newlywed home is most definitely the bedroom, here, we would like to share a few tips on how to make it the most romantic and relaxing place in the world for the newlyweds.

Make the Bed the Focal Point

No matter how big your new bedroom ends up being, the focal point will always be the same – the bed. It is always a good idea to invest in a quality bed that will last, buy right and you could be sleeping in that same bed for years to come. Ensure that the frame is sturdy, and has been made well as well as spending a considerable amount of time searching for the right mattress for you and your partner. This will ensure that you both benefit from enough sleep, and feel fully relaxed in the morning.

When we are talking about the size of the bed, you can go as big as you’d like. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, then you will probably want to avoid beds that are too huge and that would use up all the space in your bedroom. Of course, it goes without saying that you will want to get some elegant, gorgeous sheets and pillows for your new bed.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Gadgets

The bedroom should primarily be about relaxing and sleeping. This means that you should never fill your bedroom with all kinds of gadgets and technological brick-a-bracks that will only distract you and ruin your relaxation. There is no need to go Amish, but still, do not stuff your bedroom with whirring and buzzing electronics either.

Many experts on interior decoration say that the TV is the worst thing that you can put in your bedroom. And when you are newlywed, it is really not a necessity as you will have better things to do before you actually turn to sleep. Still, if both like to watch a TV show before sleep, then no one is telling you that you cannot do this!

Go Romantic with the Walls

Choosing a colour for the bedroom is never an easy task, especially if you do not wish to go with the boring white. There are plenty of relaxing and easy-on-the-eyes colours that will fit perfectly in a newlywed bedroom. If it is a larger room, you can even go with darker shades of grey or even brown, but be careful they are not to overbearing. You can also break the monotony by including splashed of colour around the room in the form of bed sheets and other details. Even some beautiful decorative plastering can add something a little special to the room.

Include Personal Touches

Once you have taken care of the more important aspects of your bedroom design, it is time to make it truly your own. For instance, you can frame your favourite photographs of the two of you as a couple and hang them on the walls. You can have little items that you bought together sprinkled around the room. You might think that candles are a cliché, but they give out such romantic and relaxing light that you will love them in no time.

Make it your own corner of the world. Follow our tips and tricks and you will find that your new bedroom will be the romantic haven that you newlywed’s desire!

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