Open up your home: 7 ways to create more space

In every home there is the need for more space however big or small – maximising space to make your home feel spacious and welcoming is vital. Create more space in your home with these simple tips!

1. Innovative Storage Solutions

Quick fixes for creating more space include adding clever storage solutions, investing in multi-purpose furniture and making small structural changes. For example, removing a chimney breast, enlarging doorways and fitting sliding doors can make a huge difference.

2. Convert and Outside Wall

Create spacious interiors with maximum thermal insulation and security with folding glass doors. Creating openness and a great view of the outdoors, these five metre wide folding glass doors that can be easily folded away into a neat space – saving package are a must for your home!

3. Conservatories

A solarlux conservatory gives you more living space and is an ideal way of acquiring more living space without having to move house and can be used as a sun room, dining room, breakfast room, family den, study or even kitchen. A conservatory provides a smoother transition from your living or dining room into the garden and can also be very cosy and relaxing. Just like the folding glass doors a conservatory ensures your home is full of natural sun light and provides picturesque views.

4. Knock Through Walls

If your home doesn’t feel like the spacious sanctuary of your dreams, open it up by moving or knocking through internal walls.

5. Install More Windows

Adding in some new windows is a great way to add more light or even investing in a few more mirrors to place around your home will make your space feel roomier.

6. Use Fresh and Light Paint

While darker paint colours do make a room seem cosy, they often give the illusion of less space. When choosing a paint colour remember that light colours reflect and multiply light, while dark colours absorb it, therefore, to make a room feel airy, stick with cream, beige, light blue or lavender.

7. De-clutter!

Ensure clutter is kept to a minimum. This is probably the most important way to increasing the illusion of space. Remove items you don’t need from surfaces and keep shelves tidy and not stuffed with books and ornaments.

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