Roofs Are Important: Here Are Just 3 Reasons Why

Why It’s Important To Look After The Staple Feature Of The Home

It goes without saying that a roof is a staple feature of many homes. Above all, it provides a protective shelter; however there are so many more reasons as to why a roof is so important, and why you should take great care of it.

There are of course many reasons as to why roofs are so important, but Lichfield Waterproofing, the roofer Sutton Coldfield specialists with over 25 years’ experience in the industry, cover the 3 main reasons: weather conditions, property value and energy efficiency.

Weather conditions

A strong and sturdy roof will protect you from different weather conditions – especially during the consecutive storms that have hit the UK throughout 2020. A well-maintained roof can help to keep water and wind out, so it’s important to regularly inspect the roof for any loose, missing or damaged roof tiles. If your roof requires repair, make sure to seek professional help to rectify this. As tempting as it may be, do not try to fix it yourself as this could lead to injury.

You should also make sure your gutters are cleaned our and clear, and investing in gutter liners will help to prevent any water ingress to the rear cavity of the roof.

Property value

A new roof can help with the structural integrity of a home and it can also help to improve the safety of a home. A brand new roof can also enhance the value of your home, which could be useful when you look to sell your property. A new roof will give potential buyers an excellent first impression, and above all, you will be adding value to your property just by installing a brand new protective roof.

Energy efficiency

And last but not least, a high-quality roof will have better insulation than an older roof, which means heat in your home will not be instantly escaping. With a healthy and maintained roof, you can maintain the temperature in your home to a level that suits you.


To ensure that the roof of your property or business premises remains healthy, strong and secure, please get in touch with Lichfield Waterproofing today, who are a team of reputable roofing contractors with 25 years of experience in specialist roofing services, including built up felt roofing, mastic asphalt roofing and slate and tile roofing services.

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