Signs That Intruders Will Look For When Trying to Gain Access

In 2018 alone, there were over 500,000 residential burglaries recorded in England and Wales, this equates to around 2 in every 100 households being affected. Retail premises also saw an increase in burglaries, which was accompanied with increased costs of around 6% linked directly to lost stock and increased insurance premiums. Therefore, securing our property from a potential break-in is something which we all spend a considerable amount of time and energy doing. With so much at stake, whether your property is residential or commercial, it comes as no surprise that we put the protection of our assets as a top priority.

However, even with burglary on the rise, it is quite unlikely that your property will be the target of a pre-determined stake out. In fact, many intruders are simply looking for an easy opportunity and will seize the chance to enter your property, via an open window or unlocked door, whilst simply passing by. These opportunistic intruders will very rarely be equipped to deal with any well installed security measures, therefore making sure these are visible from the exterior of your property will deter intruders and reduce the risks of unlawful entry.

There are several things, listed below, which will earmark your property as a potential easy target and entice intruders. Therefore, to help secure your property it is advisable to take action and eliminate all the issues listed, as a minimum precaution. For further advice tailored to the specific needs and location of your property it is advisable to contact Essex security to ensure you’re provided with good industry knowledge from a professional team.

Obstructed view

Being hidden from sight is paradise for an intruder. Knowing no one will spot you whilst you attempt to gain access to a property means there is no need to rush. This provides the intruder valuable minutes to access, exit and leave the property without anyone witnessing their movements. Obstruction to doors and windows should be moved and any doors obstructed from view, due to location, maybe at the side or rear of the property, should be covered by lighting, an alarm and a CCTV camera.

Poor Lighting

Inadequate lighting is something which intruders will look out for regularly. Working under the cover of darkness will provide any intruder with the total safety they need to break into your property undetected. Ensure all areas are covered with motion sensor flood lighting and CCTV cameras.

Open Windows

More than 60% of thieves come through unlocked doors and windows. This is easy and quick access for opportunistic intruders looking for items to quickly grab, which have been left unattended and within reach. Installing self-closing doors and restricted opening on windows can generally help secure a property. Whilst installing security grilles and grates on windows and glazed doors can offer complete protection.

Tools and Equipment

Finally, intruders usually only carry rudimentary tools and equipment on their person and don’t come equipped for breaking and entering. It is therefore wise to ensure any of your own equipment, tools or ladders are locked securely away and not visible or available for intruders to utilise.

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