The 3 Plaster Mouldings that Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Plasterwork has long been a staple piece in many houses across the country. Adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home – plaster mouldings will never go out of fashion!

Ceiling Roses

A handmade plaster ceiling rose adds a unique style to any ceiling as well as acting as a beautiful stage on which you can exhibit your light fittings – they are also commonly used to disguise any wires of a fitting.

Ceiling Roses can be a bespoke and intricate design used as a feature piece in any room or they can be plain and practical used to protect your property’s ceiling from damage over time.


As well as adding a traditional feel to any home, installing plaster cornice has many other benefits.

Walls and ceilings of many homes are rarely perfectly straight and flat and they often move over time leading to cracks appearing – by covering these joints between the two with professionally made cornices these will disappear to ensure you home looks and feels beautiful.


Plaster corbels act as decorative supports for arches and the end of beams, mantel pieces and shelves. Available in a wide range of designs and woods, corbels will enhance the look of any shelves and mantel pieces in your home.

Whether you are restoring an old Victorian building or if you would like to give a modern home a traditional feel, handmade plaster mouldings can be tailored to fit your exact requirements to ensure they are in keeping with the existing design of your property.

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