The Biggest Mistakes in Bathroom Remodelling

When it comes to renovating bathrooms, many people commit to it entirely because it has to be elegant and functional. Also, it needs to be a place designed for relaxation. In addition to having a good quality bathroom, homeowners should not lose sight of the details that give the perfect overall impression.

Since bathroom furniture is fixed, the mistakes made in the beginning can yield the result of an uncomfortable space. This article will single out some of the most common mistakes in renovating and how to avoid them.

Designing without a designer

Your bathroom is equally as important as the rest of the house, therefore it demands the attention of a professional. Consult with an architect or an interior designer. The most important thing is to devise an adequate layout, the position of sanitary facilities, equipment and design accessories. The bathroom should be adjusted to your needs and to your liking, but it also has to be tasteful. The advice designers can give you is invaluable. They can show you what bathroom style is trendy and how to apply those trends to your bathroom. If you want your bathroom to have a Victorian style, let your designer judge whether this is possible.

Bathroom colours

Choosing bathroom tiles significantly affects the sense of space and its size. Modern design and popular trends should be carefully selected and applied, especially in small spaces. Going with bright coloured tiles is the most obvious mistake you can make. It is always safer to use neutral tones or a combination of grey tones with only one additional accentuated colour.

If you want your bathroom to be vibrant, do not try to achieve it with tiles. Use colourful items such as mirror frames, towel hangers or even bathroom decorations. One of the most common mistakes is the use of different shades of brown. This style is associated with the designs from the last century, and is rarely used in modern bathrooms.

Oversized toilets

A very common mistake in bathroom remodelling is the purchase of inadequate sanitary elements. Led by design, brand or sellers who tend to over-sell their products, people are inclined to purchase oversized toilets or bathroom furniture. These mistakes can be devastating to you bathroom’s overall design. Even a large space can become uncomfortable and unpleasant. Therefore, you should check all the dimensions before going shopping. The understanding of spatial capabilities of your bathroom gives you a clearer picture of what’s doable and what’s not.

Poor choice of accessories

Accessories and associated equipment for the bathroom also need to be given sufficient attention. Select the style and colour in which you want your entire bathroom to fit in. Next, try to incorporate the shelves, cabinets and tapware into to it.

Always go online to trusted tapware distributors with the widest range of products online, so you can create a general image of what you want and what you should avoid. Shelves, cupboards and mirrors should be well designed and positioned. Do not forget lighting. Again, it should be properly positioned and it should not be too bright nor too dim.

The use of unsuitable materials

A bathroom is a place, where in a short period of time, there can be a significant change in the the temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is important to use material that is designed and manufactured to meet these requirements: water-resistant pressed materials, adequately treated timber, waterproof materials, heat insulation, and tiles with a non-slip surface.

Homeowners often use insufficiently protected timber for vanities under the basin, which results in water and soap stains, as well as cracked and deformed surface. If you want to protect wood surfaces in your home, learn how to protect the wood in the bathrooms.

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