The Power of Design – How Changing Your Bathroom Can Help Sell your Home

Whether you are a regular buyer of properties and are focusing on renovating this property in preparation for a resale, or you have been the owners of this property for a long time and have decided to move on, it is important that you are able to get the best possible deal out of the property in question. Today’s ever changing property market will see houses come and go for a steal, or for strangely high prices depending on the design and structure of the property itself. In many instances, what is on the inside of the property matters just as much as the size, exterior and location of the property.

First of all, if a property is well kept and renovated in a way that is in keeping with its local surroundings, it is going to be more attractive to potential buyers as they can easily move in without conducting any renovation works. Young couples, married couples with families and elderly couples will find these types of properties extremely attractive and will be more likely to make an offer. So with this in mind, take a look at our list of reasons why simply renovating your bathroom can have a profound effect on the success of selling your property.

Renovating any room can have a big effect

Whether it is the kitchen, the bathroom or even the master bedroom, people don’t often realise the positive effect renovating even just one room in their home can have. Just as you feel refreshed and revitalised after a short nap or after a shower, so your home will look very different after even one room has been renovated. Of course the size of the room will affect how much your property value can change, for example if you only refurbished a small toilet under the stairs, don’t expect the offers to suddenly start rising up over the roof.

By renovating the space in your existing rooms, you give it a new, contemporary look and provide buyers with an insight into the potential of the property as a whole. Renovating a bathroom is no different, and as it is one of the quintessential rooms of the home, potential buyers will often pay more attention to it.

Can be something minor, like a colour scheme change

You don’t have to completely change the look, layout and appliances of your bathroom, in some cases simply a new or different coat of paint can have a resounding effect. Remember the effect that different colours have on a space, for example to create a more open space, you’ll want to use lighter colours, whereas darker, richer colours will create a cosy and quaint effect.
Bathrooms can often seem cramped and closed off, so lighter colours work well to create a more ‘open’ layout. It is also important to use certain objects to their best advantage such as mirrors to make the room appear bigger.

Modern bathroom styles and fittings = minimal maintenance for the future

Some fixtures and fittings are more likely to break or become faulty, so a renovated room sends the message to potential buyers that this particular room won’t need much maintenance for quite some time, which is an attractive prospect. More modern fixtures and fittings are also better sealed against water damage, staining and the growing of unsightly mould, so this means less maintenance in general which is often attractive for first time buyers.

Particularly useful for “Patchwork Properties” where the décor doesn’t quite fit the design of the property

In some cases the previous owner may not have had an eye for good decoration, or they might have been in the process of renovating the property and haven’t quite gotten around to the bathroom. Either way, renovating a bathroom in such properties is a good way of bumping up the property value, particularly if you use the style of the rest of the property to your advantage.

If, for example, the rest of the property follows traditional design techniques, styles and appliances, renovating a modern bathroom will look out of place and may put some people off. However if you renovate the bathroom to give it a more traditional style, this will make it fit in more with the rest of the house and thus increase its selling potential, and value to possible buyers. It is all about being smart and working with what you already have.

Of course there are other aspects of the property that will be taken into account when buyers are looking at a sale; the size of the property, the location of the property, the job prospects and school prospects of the nearby area if they are seeking employment or have young children. Some of these features you can’t exactly help, if you own a property in what is considered a ‘run down’ location, then your options are limited. The best you can do is renovate the property in a way that makes it functional and aesthetically pleasing. Give your property the best chances of a sale by renovating it.

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