Ways to achieve your very own sanctuary style bathroom

There’s nothing better, after a long, hard day, than to go home and retire to your very own sanctuary. Winding down with a bubble bath, glass of wine and a good book is the perfect way to restore your inner zen and become lost in your own thoughts. There are many ways in which you can create the perfect atmosphere for your ultimate wind down, however, it can also be very easy to get carried away and lose the beautiful atmosphere you wish to create. Here are a few ways in which you can create the perfect escape from those, slightly challenging days.

Choosing the right colour scheme

With any room, the main key to achieving the right atmosphere, is through colour and theme. The moment you enter a room you are surrounded by colour and it instantly creates a mood and feel to the room overall. To create a relaxing, healing atmosphere, sticking to a neutral palette will enable you to give your bathroom a fresh, clean look whilst still feeling cosy and calming.

Creams, yellows and light greys are the perfect base colour, used for the walls, and other bathroom features. To ground the room, darker (but not too dark) colours, such as brown, stone and grey, are ideal as they complement the lighter colour choices well and work ideally to create the chosen atmosphere. You can then incorporate your bolder, statement colours through your choice of accessories, such as towels, photo frames and candles. Making sure you don’t go overboard or add a colour that is too bright or bold is key, as this can completely remove the soothing atmosphere and feel bright and slightly cold.

Creating a relaxing scent

Scent is often overlooked by many when designing a room, especially when aiming for a particular atmosphere. The scent of a room adds to the aroma, which therefore reinforces the relaxing atmosphere and engulfs you, taking you away to a soothing place that makes you want to wind down and switch off. Fragrant oils, diffusers and scented candles are the suitable choice when trying to achieve this kind of atmosphere, especially scents such as Chamomile and Sandalwood, as they create a gentle scent, that aids with sleep and calming the mind. Having a room with a relaxing scent is so important, as winding down and switching off is just what you need after a long, hard day.

Setting the mood

With any room, the atmosphere can be controlled by one simple element, the lighting. How you chose to light your room is entirely down to you, but there are certain ways you can do this to achieve different atmospheres and moods. To create a relaxing, calming atmosphere, gentle lighting is vital. If you have fluorescent lighting that is strong and bright, you instantly feel wide awake and switched on. This is certainly something to avoid, however it’s not always bad to have a brighter bathroom, especially on a morning when you feel you need that little extra push to wake up. The perfect way to balance this lighting issue is simply mood lighting. You can find all kinds of lighting styles on the market, that have switches to turn up the brightness, or lower it to set the calming tone. Candles are also a great way to add a gentle, soothing feel to the room. With the gentle flicker of candle light, you can rest assured that you will be able to wind down, chill out and escape from the world for an hour or so.

Comfort is key

The obvious, and most important element to any relaxing setting is the comfort you are provided with. Being comfortable is the first step in being able to chill out and wind down. Thick, snuggly towels and a warm, cosy dressing gown are ideal for adding to the relaxing atmosphere, helping you stay relaxed after your hot bubble bath, or even just whilst you sit and read a good book. You can also incorporate comfort into your bathroom appliances, for example a Jacuzzi bath. There’s really nothing better than coming home to a hot, bubbly bath accompanied with massaging jets and bubble generators! If you do decide to replace or add to any of your bathroom features, you can call a plumbers merchant, to help you select the perfect items for you.

An eye for detail

With every room, detail is key to making or breaking the overall design and style. It’s so important to add a personal touch to your room, let your style flow and make your house your home. With bathrooms, it’s always good to keep the detailing low-key. Simple features such as candles and photographs can add character to the room, whilst still keeping it stylish and calming. For storage, features such as baskets for bath products, a nice towel rack or heater and an elegant soap dispenser can really make a small impact on the rooms overall feel, creating an inviting atmosphere and keeping the relaxing and cosy vibe.

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