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For Guest Blogging Opportunities Please Do Not Hesitate To Get in Touch!

If you would like to get in touch with the team at The Happiest Homes for any reason, we would love to hear from you! Whether you would like to comment on an article or suggest one, we are all ears.

The Happiest Homes is all about publishing quality content. Whether you are a home improvement enthusiast who just wants to be heard, or a business looking to offer valuable advice to our readers then please get in touch.

Our rates for guest blogging on The Happiest Homes

We are very particular about the content we will publish on The Happiest Homes so please do get in touch if you have some content that you think would be of interest to our visitors. We do ask that any content you have published on The Happiest Homes is shared via your Social Media accounts and that you like our pages.

What we look for in our home improvement guest blogs

– We only want good quality content here on The Happiest Homes and will NOT publish content that is purely written for promotional purposes.
– Each article must be well-researched with any statistics linking to the relevant reference – we are based in the UK so please make sure pricing and terms mentioned in the article reflect this! (E.g ‘£’ NOT ‘$’)
– All articles must be between 500-600 words (If the word count goes slightly over or under we will not penalise you for this)
– Link to the homepage of your website or social media site must be within the article.
– You must supply one image and include the rights to the image ownership.
– Your article MUST be 100% unique – this will be checked before publishing any posts.


The Happiest Homes reserves the right to add, remove or edit anything within your article that we do not believe is useful or relevant to our readers.

When you believe that you have checked off our home improvement guest blogging checklist, please attach a word document and email all the information to:


We can’t wait to read your contributions to our site and look forward to hearing from you!