Your Guide to Finding The Perfect Flooring For Your New Home

Finding the perfect flooring for your new home is a lot more complicated than people first think. Don’t listen if you’re told you’re over thinking it, as it’s crucial to get the right flooring in the right room.

Whatever you decide your choice of flooring would be the perfect choice for your new house, just remember there are only a few simple things you should consider:

  • Style: what kind of style and colour you want?
  • Practicality: What is the best practical style of flooring for the room?
  • Durability: how durable you need the room to be?

Firstly, what are the choices out there? For most rooms the natural option is either carpet or wood, and for most of us, other than the difficult decisions about colours, carpets seem like the best fit. If you’re thinking about a more durable and easy to clean floor, you might be considering putting some wooden floors in your new home.

Types of wooden flooring

It is important to know the different types of wooden flooring you have before ordering your new floor. The main choices you have are engineered, solid and laminate flooring, but what are the differences?

Engineered: This is a layered flooring, with the top and bottom layers made of hard wood. Engineered flooring has a soft centre which prevents your floor expanding with heat. This is a very practical choice of flooring and can be found in a large variety of styles and colours allowing you to tailor your floor to match whatever style of room you have.

Solid: Solid wood flooring is very durable, and is a traditional looking flooring and looks more natural as it is made, like the name suggests, from a solid piece of wood. It usually available in a large variety of colours and is a great choice to finish a room with that natural look.

Laminate: Laminate flooring is manufactured to be very durable, and unlike more natural surfaces is much more resistant to chips and cracks, which makes it a perfect choice for hallways where you are most likely to get a lot of footfall. It is easy to install and comes in many colours.

Which rooms for which type of flooring?

The Entrance: Everyone wants to make the entrance to their new home look impressive to any visitor, but practically you also need it to look just as impressive in years to come. This is the one room you are guaranteed to get a lot of use out of, so choosing a laminate wooden flooring, which is more resistant to scratches and chips over the years.

The downstairs: Consider the overall style you want your new home to have. If you are thinking of having wooden flooring in the living room, kitchen or dining room, you may want to consider the following.

Solid wooden flooring has the more natural and tradition look, which would complement any traditional room, but as this is made from solid wood, rooms with hard movable items such as dining chairs may damage the flooring, this could be a better choice for the kitchen or living room. If your house is more modern, the choice between laminate and engineered wooden flooring is important, if you are thinking of having a wooden flooring in your kitchen, engineered flooring is more resistant to expanding when exposed to heat, and could be the better pick.

The upstairs: If you are considering a wooden finish upstairs this would be perfect for any room, your choice ranges from the more traditional look of wooden flooring for a master bedroom, to durable laminate flooring to endure in the kid’s room.

Whether you chose a nice soft carpet, or wood flooring for your new home, remember all floors can look differently in the room to what they do in the show rooms, most flooring companies will give you a sample, so take a tester home and see what you think it looks like in the room you’re thinking of, remember wooden flooring can look a lot different, especially look darker in a smaller room. Choose your colours carefully and pop down to a quality flooring company near you and pick up some samples!





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