5 Best Ways for Getting Rid of Flies

In addition to being annoying and unwanted, flies have the potential for causing harm to people and surroundings. They may carry diseases such as Salmonella Enteritidis, typhoid and paratyphoid, anthrax and tuberculosis, as well as the bacteria which could lead to food poisoning.

For these reasons many feel that pest control is necessary when it comes to flies.

There are a number of techniques that pest control specialists, such as those who specialise in fly control throughout London and Home counties may use to eradicate fly populations.


You might never get rid of all flies, but many people suggest humane solutions such as repellents before they’ll consider a more lethal approach. Research (and anecdotal experience) has shown that there are certain liquids or powders which will keep fly population at a minimum. Vodka, for example is known to repel flies and is used in bags or even on the body to keep them away. Oils such as lavender, citronella, eucalyptus and pennyroyal are also known as natural repellents. Additionally, herbs such as basil, lavender and mint can be used.


Again, if you would rather trap than kill the pests, it is possible to either manufacture a home-made fly trap using a sweet oil or substance as a lure or to buy a trap. Alternatively, you can use fly paper which they stick to, or actual fly traps which you can use as and when needed.


Many people still rely on their old fashioned fly swatter. Not only is there a great deal of satisfaction in actually swatting a fly which has been making a nuisance of itself but these are tried and tested and remain popular because they work effectively. However, there is also such a thing as a fly gun which works in the same way as a fly swatter but is activated by a trigger as a gun would be rather than being waved like a tennis racket.


In addition to electrified fly swatters, many people (especially catering businesses) use electric traps which attract the fly to a bright light and then electrocute them. However, there is increasing evidence to suggest that flies might not be attracted to the light meaning that the entire trap is ineffective.


Fly spray is extremely common, easy to use and effective. Best of all, it tends to be very fast acting and therefore the fly may be eradicated quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Of course, there tend to be people who prefer not to use spray because of the environmental consequences but there are many more environmentally friendly methods such as homemade solutions using either dishwashing liquid or any of the herbs named above.

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