5 of the wackiest offices in the world

You may have already seen pictures of the coolest offices of some of the most cutting-edge businesses on the plant, including the likes of Facebook, Skype and Twitter. Of course, Google has long made its mark as a world leader in iconic and unashamedly forward looking office design. Breaking down traditional concepts of what a workspace should look and feel like, the only limit is the creative imagination of the office designer, or their client.

The results can be truly spectacular, and must be a total joy to work in. Here are some of the most jaw dropping office designs we could find all over the world, and they’re not limited to social media companies either. Feast your eyes and tell your boss!

1. IT server hosting company Melbourne recently moved to new Manchester office. Visitors arrive in a garden themed indoor area, complete with grassed picnic area. The main office includes themed breakout zones, including mahogany furniture and a digital fireplace, a library with Chesterfield sofa and an art deco dining room and retro quiet space.

2. Candy Crush Saga’s Stockholm Office has clearly been designed with fun and games in mind, with plenty of playful breakout areas to keep their staff’s creative juices in full flow.

3. At SingTel’s call centre in Singapore, it’s all about creating a fun atmosphere in which to work. With ‘huddle areas’ variously themed Sports and Beach in addition to the traditional merry-go-round, you can see what they mean…

4. French video game developer Ubisoft commissioned an office design to stimulate creativity while being functional at the same time. We think they may well have achieved the impossible.

5. Missing Link, a South African corporate presentation company, has gone all out, with a tree house, a shooting range and a fireman’s pole just some of the fringe benefits available to lucky employees. Could this be the world’s coolest office?

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with Crawley-based office fit out and refurbishment specialists Complete Interior Design, who were consulted over the information in this post.

Author: Editor

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