A 3-Step Guide to CCTV Drainage Survey

How a CCTV Drain Survey is Conducted

In a typical CCTV drainage survey procedure, a small-size advanced video camera, which is well-connected to a cable attached to a live display TV, is inserted down the drain or sewer. The latest CCTV drainage systems available these days come with automatic remote focus, optimal digital zoom in and zoom out, directional lighting and 360 degrees camera head tilting.

Having said that, it is clear that the modern-day CCTV drainage inspection system is capable to reveal all insights of drainage pipe or sewers more efficiently and effectively; and it’s done effortlessly, provided you choose right CCTV drain survey Rochester company.

Moreover, with a CCTV survey equipment, there is certainly no need to physically excavate the drainage pipe, making it the most invasive technique of inspecting underground drains and sewers. And remember, the camera can travel really long distance below the ground. So, regardless of how far is the blockage or damage from your sight, the CCTV system can access it for you.

When We Need A CCTV Drainage Survey

A CCTV drain survey is the first step in unblocking or repairing the troubled drainage system. The video inspection helps the drainage engineers locate the blockage or damage and help them determine the exact cause as well as a severity of the problem.

The video camera navigates through the troubled drainage pipe or sewer line and all findings are recorded live, which are also displayed on a monitor at an operator’s van. You also get a recorded DVD and a detailed report with images outlining real-time drainage condition, causes and recommended drainage solutions.

In addition, a CCTV survey is also recommended when shifting to an old property or whenever you move to a new home/office/factory. This gives you peace of mind that you will not need to spend big later on drainage replacement and repairs. Also, CCTV survey is worth adding as a part of your annual drainage maintenance program; this can help you prevent blockages or any other drainage issue growing worse and costing you more.

Why Hire A Complete Drainage Services Provider For Your Cctv Drain Survey?

A CCTV survey helps drainage engineer to get clear understanding of your drainage structure and condition. The high definition video recording can help them pinpoint crack, joint misalignment or clog quickly and accurately.

If you hire a company that specialize in all sort of drainage repairs and other drain services, you can get a comprehensive solution for your troubling drains, which can save you time and efforts. For example, if your CCTV drainage survey reveals a huge crack on your drainage pipe’s left wall and if the drainage company you choose specialize in relining, pipe replacement and other drainage services, then you can get it fixed in the first time.

Moreover, a good drainage company walks an extra mile offering preventive measures’ suggestions so you can reduce the chances of drainage issues. Need a CCTV drain survey in Rochester? Resort to the web.

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