Beware Homebuyers – 3 Roofing Issues you’ll miss without an in depth survey

Whether you’re a first time buyer, a landlord looking for a new investment or you are looking at potential retirement properties for yourself or on behalf of elderly relatives, it is important to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself in for when putting an offer on a property. If you are well aware of the condition of the property and any repairs or alterations that are needed beforehand, you can properly plan the budget for repairs and refurbishments and you can rest easy in the knowledge that you won’t have to pay any surprise fees for hidden defects.

One sure-fire way to make sure this is possible, is to request an in depth survey from a professional surveyor.

Some people may think that a detailed survey and report is expensive, a waste of time and not worth the paper it is written on, but this is an extremely dangerous point of view. With the help of a professional surveyor, you will be able to identify potentially structurally damaging defects before they become a major problem, as well as seeing and giving advice on resolving hidden defects which the average person may have missed.

One other part of the property that requires a professional surveyor to analyse is the roof. The roof is one of the most important parts of the property and is often not taken into consideration on your average property viewing, but if there are any defects it can be catastrophic when looking at making refurbishments or repairs. Take a look at three of the roofing issues you are guaranteed to miss without a survey.

1. Broken/Obstructed Guttering

When you have broken or obstructed roof guttering, any harsh weather or residue from harsh weather can collect in the gutters and the roof, putting unnecessary pressure on both the gutters and the roof, eventually leading to cracks and property leaks. Mould can also grow in blocked gutters and this is very dangerous for any property, as mould can get in between the roof tiles, affect the roof covering and start leaking into the property itself. A professional surveyor will be able to take a look at the gutters and highlight any issues.

2. Cracked or Broken Roofing Tiles

While cracked tiles are certainly not the end of the world, they are something to be made aware of. If your tiles are slightly cracked, it is not as worrisome as completely broken or halved tiles, where some of the roof tiles have fallen off and exposed the roof covering underneath. Roof tiles are supposed to be hardy and durable and able to last for years on end, so when they crack it can be expensive to replace them. Some older properties may have roofing tiles that are no longer in production, meaning you will have to find some similar tiles or you will have to make do with having irregular tiles on your roof.

3. Roof Covering Exposed and Damp

The roof covering comes in layers and is there to provide a protective layer between the roof tiles and the rest of the property. It is essential that the roof covering is not exposed, as the roof covering itself is being protected by tiles, and if left open to the elements it can become damp and will not do its job properly. When this occurs, it is sometimes necessary to remove the entire roof, replace the whole roof covering to pretend the spreading of leaks and damp, and then replace the tiles including fixing any broken or cracked tiles.

Unfortunately if you don’t get a professional surveyor and you find significant issues with bowing, dripping ceilings or leakage on the first floor even sometimes seeping down to the ground floor, it can be a lengthy and expensive job to fix. A roof is one of the most important parts of the property, so it is essential that it is well kept and in good condition. It is no good simply replacing a roof once it has begun to leak, the damage is already done that way. Only with the help of a professional surveyor will you be able to identify any potential defects ahead of time and save both time and money making the right reparations.

Article provided by Brian Gale Surveyors, a firm of Chartered Building Surveyors proud of their RICS membership – based in Surrey since 1985.

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