Give Your Home a Security Makeover

We invest a lot of time and money in our home, due to this it is really important that we make sure it is safe and secure. If the security on your home is poor, your possessions can become under threat when you leave your home for work or on holiday. We have gathered some tips below for you to look at if you are concerned about the security of your home.

Install an alarm

Did you know, installing a home alarm makes you 300 times less likely to be the victim of a break in than you would be without one? It is surprising how much an alarm like the one pictured can deter a potential burglar from your home, even if it is not actually activated at the time. Alarms are a fantastic tool for securing your home when out and generally cost around £100-£200.

Fix or replace your doors

Even if you have an alarm fitted, it is best to make sure that all areas of your home are safe and secure. Your doors are the main entrance to your home and if unsecure can be the easiest access point for potential burglars. The security that doors offer has evolved over recent years, with the introduction of deadbolts, hooks, anti-lift bolts and more.

Composite Doors and uPVC Doors are the best options on today’s market, these generally come complete with the latest locking mechanisms and security devices.

Secure your windows

Your windows are just as important as your doors when securing your home. These are the only other alternative entry to your home and should be high on your priority list when upgrading your home security. The introduction of restrictors, restraints and friction hinges have given a significant update in the security of windows in your home. Most double glazed windows come as standard with these security features, if you still have single glazed windows I would look into replacing these as a major security priority.

Install external lighting

Installing external lighting can be a huge deterrent for burglars who like to attack homes on an evening or through the night. Most burglars like to stay undetected when attacking a property. External lighting such as motion sensors and spotlights can help to scare or allow you to identify anyone who decides to invade your garden or home.

If you decide to install external lighting, it may be a good idea to also install a CCTV camera. This would give an extra touch of security to your home and allow you to record a potential burglar if they do decide to attack your home.

Ensure your garage is secure

When giving your home a security makeover, don’t forget about your garage. Your garage is just as important to secure as your home, this usually houses your car, garden equipment and other expensive items. The security of your Garage is reliant on your Garage Door, this is the main entrance to your garage and contains the main locking features.

If your current Garage Door is becoming worn, you may want to look into getting this replaced. This will help to increase the security of your Garage and will prevent any breakages your old door could potentially have. As you will probably know, there are a huge selection of Garage Doors available on today’s market. This includes up and over garage doors, sectional garage doors, side hinged garage doors, roller garage doors and much more. As with some of the steps above, it is best to visit a local store or look into the different types of Garage Doors available on today’s market before you jump into purchasing the first one you see.


If you follow the steps above, your home will be a lot more secure than previously, making it a burglar’s nightmare. Some of these steps are less expensive than others, but remember investing in these security products will cost a lot less than replacing the contents of your home.


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