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What you do know is that the fireplace needs refurbishing. You’ve been hesitating for lack of inspiration and, let’s face it, lack of knowledge. Then there’s the mess you need to cleanup that seems to invade the whole house any time there’s a renovation project.

Fire places do need special attention in return for the high value they return to the room they occupy. So settle back in your big easy chair, in front of said fireplace and let’s watch a new fireplace unfold as we look at various facts and ideas.

It’s important that the fireplace reflect the design of your home in the use of materials as well as the style. Learn what the style of your residence is so that you’ll be shopping in the right bin, so to speak. Search sites like Freepedia or Bing Images to find an image that matches or comes close to the style house where you are living. Then look up fireplaces, and filter by the style you’ve just learned.

Idea #1.

Here we’re looking at a contemporary style home with a fireplace to match. Handsome, isn’t it? Looks a little lonesome though. Does it occupy a large wall by itself, or are there shelves and cabinets on either side? Let’s look at the idea that right now it’s a lonesome element on a large wall. Major opportunity for some real design perhaps?

A modern version of the stone fireplace in this contemporary room has the impact intended. But it feels a bit stark down there on that large wall—even a little cold. Which, for a fireplace, is definitely counter-intuitive. Would you agree? So yes, then, large wall and fireplace calls for shelving or book cases. Not only do they serve a design purpose (the introduction of a warm, natural, human element), but their presence serves to emphasize the importance of a rich contrast in materials. They can be very simple and unassuming or, with a fireplace like this, they can make a big, bold statement. See those cabinets on the left? That’s where all your gear is stored for game nights.

More? OK, then.

Idea #2.

If your tastes run to the simpler things, you may want to consider this style, which is really a “no-style” style and can blend in with most homes that aren’t blatantly cultural. Its lines are clean and predictable with few décor detours. The room is relatively undisturbed by its presence, yet with a nice fire alit, the room will warm up and feel more cozy. A flat-screen with doors painted in the same shade as the surround will not interfere with the clean look, done correctly. Tell your carpenter to increase the depth of this space by a few inches so that a few memorabilia can co-exist. Lower the mantel to make viewing more comfortable. And there you have it: a low-drama environment for high-drama tv viewing.

Idea #3.

You may have noticed—the ceiling lighting that both ideas have included. And then there’s this idea, using windows. Really quite dramatic and features the brilliant library they have stored there.

Down lighting is just a nice thing to do and seems to work well as auxiliary lighting and, with all other lighting turned off when watching television, it shows off a dramatic vignette, don’t you think? A flat-screen with a classic work of art on swinging doors to conceal it, lives a sheltered life until it becomes the center of attention.

You know it’s time. And with the holidays coming, do a little shopping, do the work yourself, if it fulfills a need for self-satisfaction—or sit back and watch professionals do it. Then get a fire going to spend warm, pleasant evenings with friends.

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