How To Expertly Transform Your Current Driveway

Consider a resin driveway for a stylish and personalised upgrade

Perhaps your existing driveway could do with an upgrade? Maybe you fancy something a bit more characterful or personalised than your existing concrete, gravel or asphalt surface?

If so, a resin driveway combines many practical benefits with the chance to create a driveway unique to your property.

Why is resin so appealing?

It’s a very versatile and high-tech driveway surface that’s winning more friends as property owners turn to resin for its personalisation potential, durability, practicality and good value for money installation costs.

Hard wearing

Resin driveways are created through a mixture of hard-wearing aggregates such as granite, shingle and quartz combined with a viscous resin; this mixture is spread onto the driveway area.

Once set, it forms a very hard wearing and durable surface.

While relatively straightforward to install, it’s best to use the services of your local experts such as these resin driveways in Essex specialists to ensure a professional job.

A bespoke option

A key benefit of resin driveways and how they can significantly transform your current drive is their flexibility in appearance and style.

You can choose various finishes and shades due to the variable mixture of aggregates possible, so the permutations are varied. You can also choose a smoother or rougher look to the driveway if you wish.

It’s even possible to specify certain designs to be incorporated including patterns or crests; driveway installation experts can help you create the look you desire.

The customisation potential is a key asset of resin driveways at a time when owners are keener than ever to make their property as bespoke to them as possible – an external change such as a new driveway is a highly visible way of achieving this.

Practical benefits

Resin drives are easy to live with; along with looking good they require next to no maintenance and will last years.

Easy to clean – even spillages of fluids such as oil and other fuels can be cleaned up with no staining.

Very low maintenance – apart from maybe an occasional sweep, a resin drive won’t need much looking after and weeds won’t grow through.

Easy installation – if there’s already a suitable sub base the new resin driveway can be installed straight onto it.

Weather proof – resin can stand up to the UK’s varied climate including extreme cold or hot temperatures and colours won’t fade in strong sunlight.

Good drainage

There’s nothing worse than water pooling as it can do harm on certain surfaces. Resin is remarkably clever in that, while providing a hard and durable surface, it also drains well by letting water pass through to be naturally absorbed into the earth below.

This means water won’t run off into the public drainage system so contributing to excess water in drains at times of high rainfall. The increase in hard surfaces as more housing and other buildings develop is putting pressure on drainage systems as more water runs into them as opposed to being absorbed naturally into the earth.

With a resin drive facilitating natural drainage, it means planning permission isn’t required as it usually is when a non-permeable surfaced driveway is being considered.

Practical and stylish

A new resin driveway is very much a modern solution to the desire for individuality in a property and the need for practicality. Ask your local resin driveway experts to see how a new drive can transform your property.


How a resin driveway can transform a property with its ability to be laid in different colours, styles and even with patterns and designs being built into it.


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