Is Your Front Door Powerful like The Royals or Welcoming Like Kate Thompson’s?

Your front door should act as a statement. The colour you choose does not have to be used throughout the home interior, but should make an impact and be the focal point for the front of the home.

Have you bought a front door? Was your choice drawn from inspiration, a spontaneous purchase or do certain colours draw you in?

The most popular colour of composite doors at PVC Trade Counters is Black. So, in contrast what colours have our favorite celebrities chosen for their doors?

The celeb choice

Academy award-winning Emma Thompson opted for a fiery-red front door. Is red a colour that draws Emma in? Possibly, red features as a prominent focal colour in Emma’s statement red glossy lipstick! Kate Moss chose green which may reflect Kate’s laid back natural style. Madonna, Liz Hurley, William & Kate and Gwyneth Paltrow all have black front doors. The colour black signifies power and importance!

It seems when people are shopping for paint or a new front door, there is psychology behind the colour they choose.

Front door colour meanings

Over the years colours have featured in both psychology and traditions. Take a look at what different colours mean when choosing a new front door:


The favourite amongst PVC Trade Counter’s customers! Apart from the implying power and importance, home owners who choose this colour tend to be more conservative and reserved. Maybe it’s no surprise that black is so popular to us British folk who tend to have a stiff upper lip! Behind this door you will find no nonsense people with strong minds and no fussy interiors. Georgian homes tend to favour black doors.

An updated look to the black door is grey. Grey is the new black. Behind a grey door expect to find modern conservative folk.


Red is the showstopper colour for all doors. An old Scottish tradition states that people chose the colour red for their front door when they have paid off their mortgage. In Feng Shui, a red front door means “welcome.” This was also an early American tradition. A red door would signal refuge for tired travelers who may be looking for a night’s rest before setting off again on their horse. Red is often chosen on Victorian style homes.


The colour white is mostly found on cottage style homes. White signifies purity and calm. Generally, homes that choose white tend to be crisp and clean and well organized.

Navy Blue

Blue is one of the best colours in terms of Feng Shui. It reflects the water elements and it is said to bring abundance and prosperity.
Navy blue oozes sophistication and commands respect. As well as bringing calm and peace into your home, blue doors are also thought to bring lots of positive energy and a refuge to others.

People that opt for lighter blue tend to be loyal and trustworthy.


Green tends to be chosen by those who do not want to stand out and are active members of their local communities. Green represents balance, harmony and peace. This colour may not always be chosen by obvious harmonious personalities. Those who have careers in the limelight may opt for a home retreat choosing relaxing colours such as green and sage.

If none of the above colours appeal, you may not be a traditionalist and prefer more individual colours, if so any of these colours may represent you and your home better?


Those who choose orange tend to be outgoing. Their homes tend to be warmer places to be than those with red front doors. If you are welcomed in through an orange door, expect a friendly and welcoming stay.


This is a colour that makes a fashion statement. It symbolizes creativity and energy and is thought to invite many opportunities into a home. From aubergine to purple, lovers of this colour will be outgoing and individual with a zest for life and happy to take risks.


Yellow is a colour less likely to be chosen. People who choose this colour tend have alternative perceptions, have wisdom and confidence. A bright colour for those not easily swayed. A person behind a yellow door would normally lead debates and think outside the box to find different solutions others may have not thought of.

What type of impression will you give?

A new front door or lick of paint is an easy way to add value to your home. It is what people see first. So, before you pick up your painting tools or head online to purchase your new front door, think about what the colour of the door says to the outside world!

PVC Trade Counters supplies composite doors and UPVC windows and doors. To find out the difference between a normal wooden door and a composite door, read our article about what are composite doors made from? We would love to see your pictures of what colours you chose and why!

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