6 Ways to Organise a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens get a bad rep sometimes, and it is true that aspiring bakers and chefs might struggle when creating extravagant meals in a confined space. However, we think that there is a certain joy in the creativity required to make a space work for you. You can make your small kitchen into your ideal workspace with these 6 tips to get you started and inspire your planning.


1- Think about what you really use it for

If you have had an enormous juicer for the last 2 years and can count the number of smoothies that you have made on one hand, then maybe it’s best to think twice about giving it your precious counter space. If you adore baking and do it most weekends, then think carefully about where you can put your mixer between uses as it’s clearly going to be an important part of your small kitchen.


2- Select hard-working kitchenware

We’re thinking flat, digital scales, a cutting board which covers the sink and can double your worktop space and you can even open drawers and cover them with boards or trays to make space during bigger cooking projects.


3- Walls make great storage spots


The exposed side of a free-standing fridge is the perfect spot for spices in magnetic pots, or you can attach a metal sheet to the side of a unit and create a space-saving, vertical spice rack. The magnetic strip for knives is also an option allowing you to get rid of the knife block.


4- Make the most of your cupboard space


If you have deep cupboards that are difficult to reach, consider adding dividers or small, free-standing shelves within them so you can better see everything in there when you look in. If you are normally a bit of a hoarder, you may have to try and resist the temptation to stock up on kilogram bags of rice when they go on offer, or find a spot elsewhere in the house to use as a little pantry. Which leads us to…


5- Make more space elsewhere in the home if needed


A personal favourite is the humble trolley. Where other necessary sacrifices were made to live with a small kitchen, in my case, I found that the thought of parting with my teapot/tea-leaves collection was too much to bear. My solution came in the form of a tea trolley in the living room with teabags stored in jars, also featuring potted plants and photo frames to make it part-useful, part-decorative.


6- Don’t forget to decorate


Just because it’s small, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. Try plants or herbs hanging in windows, or a window box if you have the space. If the wall-space is looking too busy to add pictures or photos, then attach photos or handy measurement conversion sheets to cupboard doors with washi tape if it suits your style.


It may take a while to reach the stage where you are really happy with your small kitchen, but it will be worth it! Keep experimenting and moving things until you have found the happy balance. Most of all, make it a space where you enjoy spending time, whether you’re an amateur chef or a one-pot supper kind of cook.


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