The Hottest Home Improvement Technologies and Trends

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If you are planning to remodel your home, you might want to check out the following hottest home improvement trends of 2017 as suggested by pros:

Shower Stalls In Place Of Tubs

That’s right, bathtubs are gradually bidding us farewell only to be replaced by walk-in shower stalls equipped with shelving, seating and several showerheads.

Glass Tile In Place Of Ceramic

When it comes to bathroom surrounds and backsplashes, experts speculate that homeowners will make a switch to glass tiles from the good old ceramic.

Mid-Range Appliances In Place Of High-End Appliances

Mid-range appliances look and perform just as good as any topnotch, expensive appliance. So, if you are worried about having to spend thousands of dollars on a new oven, you know now you can take the easier way out.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Because stainless steel is hard wearing, hot pots, knives and blowtorches cause minimal damage to the surface. Plus, stainless steel is rather easy to clean, looks great in a kitchen setting and costs just as much as a traditional counter surface.

Large Sinks

Large sinks are in vogue. So, when you plan to go sink shopping, go for the deepest and widest piece you can find. And don’t even think about those two-sides sinks. Just replace them with a bigger one. This way, you will be glad when you have to clean a large pot after making spaghetti along with a few extra pans.

On the other hand, if you are looking for ways to make your home more functional, smarter, and more fun to live in, the following hottest home improvement technologies are for you!

Temperature Control Sheets

A technology originally designed for NASA, temperature control sheets comprise of small capsules that take up heat when it is hot and release it when it is cold. So, for nights when you forget to close the window or the air conditioning gets too cold, you can easily get through it with the help of these sheets.

Remote-Control Lights

With technology like the Wink Hub and Phillips Hue Lights, you can control when to turn the lights on and off, either from your phone or a remote. Companies like Karkanja are now selling their property with these high end finishing’s, because people expect this kind of comfort and luxury in a home.

Multi-Tasking Toaster

These dual functional toasters combine the features of a toaster, convection oven, and a steam oven, all in one. These are also energy savers because you can do multiple cooking at one time.

Life Saving Bathroom Tiles

Companies like TOTO offer ceramic tiles that consist of a titanium-dioxide varnish that break up pollutants. They use microbial metals to remove bacteria that would stain or mildew otherwise.

Wireless Air Conditioning

With products like Tado Cooling, all you need to do is mount the device on the wall, which will then send signals to your A/C, using a remote control or phone. You can also set it on geo fencing setting, which means the AC will turn on automatically when you walk in the house, and turn off when you walk out.

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