3 Easy Steps to Prepare and Protect Your Garden While You’re Having Building Work Carried Out on Your Home

We all know that having any kind of building work done on your home is not only going to disrupt pretty much everything in your property for the duration of the work, but it can be cause turmoil in your garden. Whether you are having a full first and second story extension, or just a conservatory or even renovation or repairs to a roof, the work men and equipment and materials will cause nothing but havoc to your garden.

Preparing your garden is the key to keeping everything safe and protected if you are having any kind of building work done. By following a few simple steps you can make sure your garden survives to see the light of day after the builders have finished.

Garden furniture

Start by moving your garden furniture and ornaments out of the “destruction zone”. You might think you have robust furniture, but it’s not just the fact that it might get broken you should think about – depending what you are having done, you do not want to have to clean stained items from cement or paint, or worse not being able to remove stains from them either being used or in the way. By moving your tables, chairs and other items either into the shed or up the other end of the garden, you will minimise any potential damage.

Potted plants

If you have any potted plants, move them as far away from the building area as you can. This is not just to protect them from damage – plants hate dust getting on them more than anything, as it covers the leaves and makes it difficult for them to absorb sunlight. If you can, move them to a safe distance, but if this is not possible, it isn’t too extreme to go out a few times a week and dust their leaves off to keep your potted plants happy.

The lawn

It can be much more difficult to keep your lawn safe from all the machinery and workmen’s boots, especially if you are having a lot of materials used that are just going to be dumped (sometimes by the skip load) onto any spare stretch space of grass they can find. One option to protect your lawn is to hire or purchase Trakmats, which are temporary surfaces designed to protect your grass.

By following these few simple steps, you will minimise the disturbance for your garden, making sure it survives any building work in great condition!

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