3 Reasons Why an In Depth Survey is Essential for First Time Buyers

Taking your first few steps forward into the world of owning your own property is always an exciting, yet intimidating prospect. It is fantastic that first time buyers are looking at getting themselves onto the property ladder, but it is also important that they are able to take advice from the professionals. By requesting a survey and report from a surveyor, they will be able to avoid potentially losing a lot of money when conducting necessary repairs and refurbishments that come up in any detailed survey.

Every potential buyer has an additional budget that they will set for renovations and reparations, but this may also take into account furnishings and luxury items. If a first time buyer makes an offer on a property without requesting a detailed report from a surveyor, they may find this budget being spent on repairing hidden defects that they could have seen and rectified in good time, as a surveyors report would have picked up on these defects. Take a look at three of our main reasons why a professional surveyor is so essential for first time buyers.

1. A Professional Opinion

A surveyor is able to give their professional opinion on the value of a property, allowing first time buyers to potentially revise their offer, or even walk away entirely if the property is being offered at a price far higher than the surveyor believes it is worth. For first time buyers this is essential advice, as they have little experience on property hunting and the potential pitfalls of owning your own home.

2. A Full and Honest Report

The benefit of hiring a surveyor is that they are there to help you. There is no use in them providing false information or omitting certain details, as the property is not theirs to sell and the sale of the property would not benefit them in any way. Surveyors build up these reputations by providing honest reports on the condition of a property, so that their clients can make an informed decision on their purchase.

A detailed report should not only go into detail about the condition of the property, including the structural condition of the property on occasion, but will also list any dangerous or hidden defects and provide advice on what can be done to prevent or repair these defects. This advice is essential and extremely helpful, particularly for first time buyers.

3. Avoid Getting Fobbed Off

Some landlords or homeowners are simply looking to make a quick buck. They will buy incredibly cheap properties, do them up as little as they can, cover up defects and then try and sell these properties on at a profit to green individuals such as first time buyers with little regard for the consequences. People have been caught out by this have found themselves in veritable nightmare homes, out of pocket and out of luck. With a professional surveyor you can avoid having this happen to you.

At the end of the day, whether or not you take the advice of a professional surveyor is up to you, but it is nice to have that option. With extensive experience surveying a wide range of different property types, often in and around your local area, they will be able to provide situation specific advice on the best course of action for your needs. They can also offer a professional and non-personal opinion on the property in question, such as whether or not it is worth the reparations, or whether conducting refurbishments would only be similar to piling money into a black hole.

Professional surveyors are qualified for a reason, and if it costs a few hundred pounds to get a detailed report on everything that is wrong and may go wrong with your new potential property in the next few months, then that is money well spent. If you are dead set on purchasing the property then you have a better idea of what reparation costs are going to be and you can get a head start on refurbishments. It is far preferable to simply buying a property and remaining in the dark about the defects until it is too late.

Article provided by SSJ Surveyors, a firm of RICS approved Chartered Surveyors based in Shrewsbury and serving the entire Midlands area – for over 20 years.

Author: Editor

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