4 Simple Solutions for an Outdated Outdoor Space

An outdoor space is always a challenge for the most seasoned home designers. These areas don’t obey the same laws as internal rooms. They need to have a purpose – often in specific types of weather – a low level of maintenance and, if possible, a strong aesthetic theme. The problem with some of these, especially the latter, is that it is easy for things to become outdated, so here are four quick ways to revive an outdated outdoor space!

New plants and flowers

Most outdoor spaces tend to have some form of fauna for decoration. Even a small patio will have a few potted plants, as the greater inclusion of natural elements is one of the biggest advantages of being outside. The problem many home and property owners have is that, after a few years, these surroundings become outdated or uninspiring. However, this can be fixed with a simple change. You can buy new flowers both ready-grown and as seeds, but both of which provide you with new options for colour. This can readily change the surrounding aesthetic, especially if planted in large numbers, without having to extensively strip wallpaper. In this way, you can keep your outside up to date with fashionable colours just as much as your inside spaces!


If you have a patio, decking or other external seating area, it is often easy to just put these in a simple layout. Yet why not apply the same emphasis as the living room? If you have a table and chairs, the arrangement speaks volumes about a space. Such a set-up in the middle of a courtyard, for instance, is very imposing, traditional and old fashioned. A corner arrangement, on the other hand, is more elegant, as it allows the space to be used for more purposes! Similarly, new furniture can work wonders, but there’s nothing wrong with touching up existing seating and trying a new arrangement.

Drape with colour

Outdoor spaces need not be just about natural materials. These offer a natural feel, yet seldom offer you the chance to provide large amounts of vibrant colour. Depending on your space, however, you may be able to add drapes, rugs and other fabrics for additional colour and shade. A rug, for example, adds a large area of colour on to any decking and can help blend external surroundings with internal home comforts. In addition, drapes can also be used to break up spaces or provide barriers, such as a small corner for privacy around the garden.

Cater to your local weather

Depending on where you are in the world, your external space will often need to consider the practical limitations of weather. If you have a lot of wind and rain, for instance, a wooden structure will be vital. Whether it is a summerhouse, a permanent roof over the decking or a small pergola, this updates your external areas by giving them purpose in more likely weather conditions. While having space to enjoy the sunshine is always appreciated, these practical adjustments make the garden more useful. These may be a small investment at first, but using the area more will also enable you to update it and be aware of any potential future improvements.

As you can see, these improvements do not need to be extensive in time, money or energy. Whether it is adding new colour or simply rethinking the practical aspects of your spaces, any outdoor area can be given new life and vitality.

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